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Tritium Analyses

by Geochron Laboratories

Tritium (3H) is a short-lived radioactive isotope of hydrogen which decays by beta emission to stable 3He. The half-life of tritium is 12.43 years. Tritium analyses are reported in units of concentration called Tritium Units (TU), where one TU is one tritium atom in 1018 atoms of hydrogen. Tritium analyses can also be reported in units of ...

Laboratory Services

by META Environmental Inc.

Our laboratory provides routine testing, forensic analyses, and research in such areas as former manufactured gas plant (MGP) wastes, PCBs and PCB fire chemistry, dioxin and furan formation and analysis, wood treating chemicals (e.g. PCP and creosote), dielectric fluids, petroleum analyses and degradation, and natural attenuation monitoring. META ...

Mobile Laboratory Services

by Pine & Swallow Environmental

Pine & Swallow Environmental has been providing high-quality field analyses to our clients since 1984. With the mobile lab at your sites, you get real time analyses in the field to optimize your investigation or remedial projects. While saving you time and money on costly fixed lab analyses, we provide you with the information you need to make ...

Laboratory Services

by Rhode Island Analytical

Drinking Water An experienced group of client service professionals is available to consult with drinking water clients whether they are engineers, municipalities or private homeowners. Soils & Sludges A dedicated group of client service professionals is available to discuss soil-testing projects with a broad range of

Laboratory Services

by Cyn Environmental Services

Utilizing standardized EPA and ASTM methodologies, our laboratory provides a wide range of analytical services to help meet all of your testing needs. This in-house capability allows us to ensure quality control, and enables us to provide rapid turn-around for your project - saving you time and money. Our fuels laboratory assists in the profiling ...

Air Quality Laboratory Services

by Eastmount Environmental Services, LLC

From project inception through final completion, Eastmount's Air Quality Laboratory provides direct analytical support to all the firm’s testing programs. The laboratory routinely conducts analyses in accordance with EPA and NIOSH Reference Methodologies, including gravimetric, titrimetric, spectrophotometry and gas chromatography analyses. ...

Laboratory Services

by The Phylmar Group, Inc.

Industrial Hygiene Analyses, Environmental Analyses, Air Quality Analyses, Method Development & Validation, Microscopy, Materials Characterization.

Laboratory Analyses

by AWAS GmbH Bayern Wastewater Treatment Plants

Laboratory purification tests with several treatment principles. Independent purified water analyses. 

Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis

by Geochron Laboratories

Stable isotope ratio analysis is the precise measurement of the abundance ratio of two stable isotopes of a particular element. Many elements have two or more naturally occurring stable isotopes. Since the isotopes of a particular element have identical chemical properties but slightly different masses, they may enter into chemical reactions at ...

Certified Laboratory Analyses Services

by Garratt-Callahan Company

Water treatment is a science. Results depend on accuracy, in both the diagnosis of problems and the application of solutions. That’s why we maintain our own certified laboratory at our Burlingame, California, headquarters – to ensure that your water treatment program is based on precise analyses of your water chemistry and the ...

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