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Waste Disposal, Seeping Water and Wastewater Technology

by EnviroChemie GmbH Technology for Water     based in Rossdorf, GERMANY

During waste disposal, seeping water and wastewater are formed that contain in part toxic and water polluting components.

Land Surveying Services

by Kier Group plc     based in Sandy, UNITED KINGDOM

Kier surveyors travel to sites throughout Britain and internationally, providing detailed land surveys and technical support.Our survey team are proactive in helping our clients as well as the wider Kier Group, for example, by providing formal surveying training courses for graduate engineers and others as required.Kier’s land survey ...

Land Use Planning Services

by IBI Group Inc.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

IBI Group’s land-use practice works to create plans with a strong sense of place. Seamlessly integrating our four core disciplines, we design spaces where buildings, the public realm, and the transportation network function as a coherent whole.We work with private developers and public agencies on developments ranging from small in-fill ...

Land Reclamation and Dredging

by Royal Haskoning DHV     based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS

Industrial growth and urbanization lead to increasing spatial demands, particularly in crowded areas along the coast with many economical activities. The availability of land for new developments such as airports, industry, nature or residential areas is encountering serious constraints. When located in the vicinity of large waters like seas and ...


by INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft GmbH     based in Salzburg, AUSTRIA

INTERGEO is specialised in planning new landfills as well as in the remediation of old landfills. We have investigated, planned the remediation for and supervised the excavation of some of the largest landfills in Europe.

Landfill Monitoring

by National Physical Laboratory (NPL)     based in Teddington, UNITED KINGDOM

Landfill gas is an inevitable by-product of anaerobic decomposition of organic waste, and the primary constituent methane is a potentially valuable energy source and a potent greenhouse gas. However, the gas may also contain toxic chemicals and gases such as carbon dioxide and traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can produce odour or ...

Environmental Impact Assessments

by ESI Ltd - Environment Specialists     based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM

Environmental Assessment are an established part of the planning process. The sequence of scoping requests, site investigation, impact assessment and negotiation with regulators has become common practice. ESI provides the support required throughout the process from the initial scoping requests through to completion of the Environmental Statement ...

Hydrogeological Risk Assessments for Landfill

by ESI Ltd - Environment Specialists     based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM

A site-specific hydrogeological risk assessment (HRA) must be included in all applications for an Environmental Permit (EP) for a waste disposal site. ESI prepares hydrogeological risk assessments for landfill sites accepting inert, non-hazardous and hazardous waste, in a wide and varied range of locations and geological and hydrogeological ...

Hydrogeological Risk Assessment Reviews

by ESI Ltd - Environment Specialists     based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM

Environmental Permits for landfill sites include a condition requiring operators to undertake a review of the hydrogeological risk assessment (HRA) that was submitted with the original application. A report, detailing the outcome of the review, must be submitted to the Environment Agency as stipulated by the permit.

Closed Landfill Support

by ESI Ltd - Environment Specialists     based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM

Closed landfill sites fall into two categories, those regulated by a Waste Management Licence (WML) / Environmental Permit which are the responsibility of the Environment Agency, and those closed prior to 1994 which did not require a WML and are the responsibility of the Local Authority and likely to fall within the purview of Part2A of the ...

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