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Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) Website

by InspectionLogic Corporation     based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA)

A web based community for Leak Detection and Repair Professionals! The NEW LDAR.COM. We are proud to re-introduce the first web site devoted to the needs of LDAR Coordinators world wide! Complying with EPA and state regulations for fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds is no easy task. As mandated by the Clean Air Act, plants which do ...

Leak Detection on Underground Pipelines Services

by The Sniffers NV     based in Balen, BELGIUM

A range of detection techniques: The safety of your pipeline surroundings is our priority. The Sniffers has mastered a full range of sophisticated leak detection techniques. Depending on the type of leak and the pipeline surroundings, we select the most optimal (combination of) detection method(s).

Leak Detection

by Silixa Ltd     based in Elstree, UNITED KINGDOM

Temperature based leak detection is based on Silixa’s Distributed Temperature Sensor (ULTIMA DTS) offering multiple channel configurations up to 35 km per channel on either single mode or multimode fibre.

Firewater Leak Detection Services

by EnTech Engineering, Inc     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

In industrial plants, proper fire protection is an essential element and is often required before new units can be brought online. Due to the high pressure and noise from surrounding equipment it is often very difficult provide proactive leak detection on firewater systems with traditional acoustic leak detection equipment. EnTech has the ability ...

Steam Leak Detection Services

by EnTech Engineering, Inc     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

Steam systems are essential for keeping large buildings in downtown areas warm in the winter. In order for a steam system to maintain its level of efficiency it must have proactive leak detection to identify problems in a timely manner. EnTech is able to identify and prioritize problem areas in your infrastructure using an Infrared – Energy ...

Pipeline Leak Detection Services

by EnTech Engineering, Inc     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

Pipelines are getting closer every day to the end of their design life. Typically, entire pipeline systems do not fail all at once even when stretched beyond the design life. More commonly, sections of pipe or maybe even single points will break resulting in costly repairs. Budgets are not large enough to replace entire systems so it is essential ...

Gas Leak Detection and Repair Best Practices Services (LDAR)

by InspectionLogic Corporation     based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA)

This is a quick-view text rendering of the EPA Best Practices for Leak Detection And Repair Pamphlet PDF. In general, EPA has found significant widespread non-compliance with Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) regulations and more specifically, noncompliance with Method 21 requirements. In 1999, EPA estimated that, as a result of this noncompliance, ...

Leak Detection Services

by F.A.S.T. GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

Leakage detection by professionals: Installing underground pipes and fittings of a drinking water network system generates significant costs for the utilities. Leaks on pipe networks waste precious resources, with the water losses requiring substantial additional financial resources for water purification purposes and for the operation of ...

Fuel Pipeline Leak Detection Services

by EnTech Engineering, Inc     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

Fuel Pipelines are critical infrastructure at airports and military bases. Fuel pipeline leaks are not only costly because of lost fuel but they are also detrimental to the environment. Operators require a thorough assessment of their fuel pipeline infrastructure to maintain efficiency. EnTech’s proactive leak detection approach can help you ...

Dielectric Oil Leak Detection Services

by EnTech Engineering, Inc     based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

Dielectric oil is essential for keeping certain underground, high voltage cables cool to carry electricity at an efficient level. If leaked into the ground, the oil can contaminate soils and groundwater causing costly cleanups. Leaking oil must also be added to the closed loop systems so that the temperature of the cables can be maintained. ...

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