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Leak Detection and Repair Best Practices Services

by InspectionLogic Corporation

This is a quick-view text rendering of the EPA Best Practices for Leak Detection And Repair Pamphlet PDF. In general, EPA has found significant widespread non-compliance with Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) regulations and more specifically, noncompliance with Method 21 requirements. In 1999, EPA estimated that, as a result of this noncompliance, ...

Gas Leakage Detection Surveys

by Monition Limited

Compressed Air Leaks amount to thousands of pounds in wasted energy every year - yet the cost to correct these leaks is typically fractional, with repairs paying for themselves within weeks. Using sophisticated acoustic detection equipment, Monition's non-intrusive Ultrasonic Air-leakage survey can quickly identify leaks from all types of high ...

Pipeline Leak Location Services

by Praxair

Damaged pipes not only leak product but profits and productivity. That’s why we provide a comprehensive suite of accurate and reliable technologies and services that are designed to fit the needs and budget of your business, and are backed by the best experience and reputation in the industry.

VOC Leak Detection Services

by IRT Consult Ltd.

Fugitive gas emissions cost companies' money and time to locate. On an annual basis vast sums of hard earned revenue are being invested in the identification and tagging of these leaks as part of companies LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes. Fugitive emissions typically account for about 50% of total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions from ...

Leak Detection Services

by MTA Messtechnik GmbH

Systematic review of pipe networks and selective leak detection.

Gas Leaks Services

by The Sniffers NV

The Sniffers is specialised in pipeline inspections. We use TÜV certified leak detection dogs that are trained by us to detect gases, hydrocarbons and oil substances far lower than ppm-level. Dogs are even smelling parts per billion, there where most sophisticated equipment can only measure parts per million. Leak detection with special ...

Tank, Line and Leak Detector Testing Services

by Tanknology Inc.

Testing the key components of your underground storage tank (UST) system is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of a fuel leak, which can cause catastrophic damage to the environment and put your business at extraordinary risk.

Step Testing

by Hetek Solutions Inc.

Step testing procedures are performed to ascertain exact leakage volumes. Using data loggers and temporary meters such as insertion or ultrasonic meters (which do not interfere with normal system operation) we monitor all feeds into a system or district. During minimum night flow period a series of metered valve closures identify areas of high ...

Quantification of Natural Gas Leaks

by IRT Consult Ltd.

Finding a leaking component is only one part of a leak detection project, but where multiple leaks are detected, there is a requirement to repair these leaks in accordance with their size. We provide a very accurate and efficient Leak Quantification service which utilises a unique IRT Consult Flow Sampling instrument which is a portable, ...

NDE Services

by Precision Custom Components

Whether your project requires us to use our 4 MeV X-ray facility (one of the largest in the US) on your 40 foot long, 15 inch thick component; hydro test your pressure vessel to 25,000 psi; perform a helium leak test; or a visual inspection, our highly qualified technicians can meet ASME Codes and/or your own NDE procedures.

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