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Leak Detection And Repair Website

by InspectionLogic Corporation     based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA)

A web based community for Leak Detection and Repair Professionals! The NEW LDAR.COM. We are proud to re-introduce the first web site devoted to the needs of LDAR Coordinators world wide! Complying with EPA and state regulations for fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds is no easy task. As mandated by the Clean Air Act, plants which do ...

Gas Leaks Services

by The Sniffers NV     based in Balen, BELGIUM

The Sniffers is specialised in pipeline inspections. We use TÜV certified leak detection dogs that are trained by us to detect gases, hydrocarbons and oil substances far lower than ppm-level. Dogs are even smelling parts per billion, there where most sophisticated equipment can only measure parts per million. Leak detection with special ...

Gas Leak Detection and Repair Best Practices Services

by InspectionLogic Corporation     based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA)

This is a quick-view text rendering of the EPA Best Practices for Leak Detection And Repair Pamphlet PDF. In general, EPA has found significant widespread non-compliance with Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) regulations and more specifically, noncompliance with Method 21 requirements. In 1999, EPA estimated that, as a result of this noncompliance, ...

SmartBall - Leak Detection for Oil & Gas Pipelines

by Pure Technologies     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

SmartBall is a new innovative leak detection technology for oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines. For pipelines 4-inch (100 mm) and larger in diameter, SmartBall offers unparalleled leak sensitivity and accurate location capability. It is easy to deploy and can be used to complement existing pipeline integrity programs or as an integrity ...

Sahara - Leak Detector & Gas Pocket Detection

by Pure Technologies     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

After several thousands of miles of inspection, Sahara remains a critical component of condition assessment and water loss management programs for utilities around the world. The first tool designed for live inspection of large diameter water mains, the Sahara Pipeline Inspection System is one of the most accurate tools available for detecting ...

VOC Leak Detection Services

by IRT Consult Ltd.     based in Kells, IRELAND

Fugitive gas emissions cost companies' money and time to locate. On an annual basis vast sums of hard earned revenue are being invested in the identification and tagging of these leaks as part of companies LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes. Fugitive emissions typically account for about 50% of total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions from ...

Leak Detection Services

by MTA Messtechnik GmbH     based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA

Systematic review of pipe networks and selective leak detection.

Hydrocarbon Leak Detection Service

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Hetek Solutions Inc, is pleased to announce the development of expanded services in Leak Detection.The Hetek Hydrocarbon Loss Management Program is designed to deal with the costs of leaks relative to liquid hydrocarbons.Hetek/Heath's history was founded in natural gas leakage detection, and across North America the Heath name has been synonymous ...

Traditional Leak Detection Services

by Hetek Solutions Inc.     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

HETEK Solutions Inc offers an engineered survey plan upon which a continuing program can be built.  As an effective means of conducting and inspecting mains and services within a water system, the program provides immediate results.  With the use of electronic acoustical listening and correlation equipment used by trained and qualified ...

Leak Detection Service

by MTA Messtechnik GmbH     based in Veit an der Glan, AUSTRIA

Keeping pipelines in good condition means to protect our environment. Therefore a regular inspection of a pipeline system is essential.Geodynamic changes in the soil can cause various types of water losses. WCS - Water Control Systems® allows a permanent monitoring of pipelines and can prevent you from expensive leakages.

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