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Noise Monitoring

by SGS

Improve the health and safety of your site with noise measurement services from SGS. We will help you to comply with noise regulations for your area with solutions designed specifically for your business. Call our team of environmental experts today.

Odor Audit Service

by Alpha MOS Environment

Objectives: To collect the information necessary to characterize the odor problem. To propose an action plan to measure emissions and nuisances.

Taking Air Measurements

by AB-GM

Whether air measurements need to be taken at workplaces will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of hazardous material, the quantity of material, the activity to be carried out, the assessment of the risk potential, etc. Furthermore, your personal concerns about not feeling well or the presence of odors, mold, moisture damage, ...

Separation of Odours

by TIG Group GmbH

For many operators and planners of industrial or municipal systems, the subject of eliminating odours is more and more becoming a major topic of pollution control conditions.

Odor Diagnosis Service

by Alpha MOS Environment

Objectives: To characterize the odor sources: Measure the odor concentration of waste gases sampled on site. Calculate the odor flow rate of each source.

Exhaust Air Treatment Services

by TIG Group GmbH

We offer a complete service for in-house and external systems in the biological, physical, chemical and thermal treatment of waste air with all its units, measuring instruments and parts to: Emission measurements of relevant parameters (Ctot, formaldehyde, odor, dust, ammonia, various organic and inorganic compounds) for self-monitoring and ...

Aquifer Recharge

by Aqueonics, Inc.

All land has beneath the surface one or more water tables which can be separated by aquacludes. The water tables constitute aquifers and act as reservoirs from which water may be withdrawn. Aquifers are replenished naturally through rainfall, but can also be recharged by utilizing Aqueonics' efficient system of Aquifer Recharge which injects water ...

Fugitive-Emission and Leak-Measurement Services

by Clearstone Engineering Ltd.

Clearstone Engineering is recognized as an authority on the measurement and control of vented and fugitive emissions. We have authored a number of key reference documents published by government and industry in Canada and internationally on the subject.Our measurement services include speciation and quantification of odour-causing substances, ...

Odour Emission Measurement

by Odournet Group

Odour emission measurement helps to identify potential sources of odour emissions and to understand their magnitude and characteristics, which is an important first step in defining the extent of any odour problem.

Gas Camera Examination

by bwe biogas-weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG

In spite of the most skilled installation of your biogas plant, still leakages can occur due to age related wear. Security as well as efficiency can be markedly increased through the detection of leakages.

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