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PCB Disposal

by Clean Harbors     based in Norwell, MA, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Clean Harbors PCB Disposal Services handle all types of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) related wastes including transformers, capacitors, ballasts and assorted liquids and solids. Depending on regulations and customer preferences, PCB materials can be recycled, incinerated, treated or landfilled.

PCB & Non-PCB Services

by Green-Port Environmental Managers Ltd.     based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Green-Port Environmental has decontaminated, recycled, transported and disposed of over 15 million kg of poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCB) waste since 1995. Clients include utilities and Fortune 500 companies across Ontario. Regulated by Ministry of the Environment Certificates of Approval for onsite packaging, recycling and reduction.

PCB Contamination & PCB Cleanup

by Enviro-Vac     based in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Recent EPA findings conclude, many industrial coatings and buildings, including schools, built and or renovated in the 1950s through the 1970s have caulking that contains PCBs.  The caulk was used to seal gaps to make windows, door frames, masonry and joints in buildings and other structures watertight or airtight. Enviro-Vac has the ...

PCB Ballasts

by PCB Disposal Inc.     based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Ballasts come in all shapes, sizes and weights. The most common ballasts encountered for disposal as PCB wastes are found associated with fluorescent lights.

Lamp, Ballast, Battery and CRT Recycling

by Veolia North America, Industrial Business     based in Lombard, ILLINOIS (USA)

Batteries, lamps, ballasts and computer equipment may contain mercury, lead and other heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or battery acid, all of which are considered toxic and hazardous to human health and the environment. The federal government and all 50 states have enacted rules and regulations to manage the recycling and disposal ...

Petrochemical & PCB Treatment

by Hydrodec Group PLC     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Petrochemical; Hydrodec offers project and process solutions to persistent hazardous organic chemical by-product, waste and contamination challenges. By implementing advanced Stockholm Convention supportive chemical process technology, Hydrodec 're-manufactures' by-product and waste chemicals into high value end products. For example, the ...

PCB Contaminated Material

by Recovery Express, Inc.     based in Newtonville, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

PCB Contaminated Waste Oil and Florescent Light Ballasts: Drums must be regulation 55 gallon, 17C DOT approved. Maximum weight per drum is 800 Pounds. We require two to three days notice for pick-ups.

PCB Storage/Water Treatment

by Cyn Environmental Services     based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Cyn operates a PCB storage facility in Dover, New Hampshire which accepts only PCBs or PCB items including but not limited to, dielectric fluids, transformers, capacitors, contaminated wastewaters, soils, sludges, contaminated oils, etc. which are deemed to be regulated according to 40 CFR 761. PCB wastes are transported by Cyn or other licensed ...

PCB Transportation & Disposal Service

by EnviroServe     based in Independence, OHIO (USA)

PCB’s are a special type of waste subject to additional transportation and disposal requirements. Using extensive knowledge of RCRA and TSCA regulations, we can plan and execute PCB clean-up on any scale. EnviroServe is also among the largest dedicated PCB haulers in the United States. With our dedicated fleet of tankers and flat beds, we ...

PCB Site Decommissioning

by PCB Disposal Inc.     based in Ajax, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The ultimate goal of PCB owners is to have their PCB site listed as “historical” with the MOE. This means that the site number that was assigned to the Generator for a particular location is removed from the “active” site list and is identified as “inactive”. Owners must provide data to  the MOE that ...

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