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SO2 Emission Control

by STEAG Energy Services LLC     based in Kings Mountain, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

In the 1970s, power plant emissions from southern and central Europe began impacting Scandinavian forests. As a result, regulations took effect in countries like Germany restricting the emission of sulfur dioxide, the primary component of acid rain.

Equipment Testing to the MCERTS Performance Standard

by National Physical Laboratory (NPL)     based in Teddington, UNITED KINGDOM

In 1998, the Environment Agency established a rigorous certification scheme for pollution  monitoring equipment, based on internationally accepted performance standards. The MCERTS  scheme initially focused on continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMs) and has now been  extended to continuous ambient air monitors (CAMs). ...

Particulate, SO2, and NOx Control Service

by Southern Research Institute     based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA)

Southern Research has extensive experience in each of the primary air pollution control technologies, including: electrostatic precipitation (particulate); fabric filtration (particulate); selective and non-selected catalytic reduction (NOx); and wet/dry scrubbing (SO2). We offer in-depth capabilities to assist with the operation, performance, and ...

Urban Mobile Air Quality Monitoring

by Promet Environmental Group Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Promet Environmental Group Ltd. offers its clients high quality mobile air monitoring data, rapid response time, and the expertise of its qualified technologists. Parameters monitored by Promet includes wind speed and wind direction, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2), total reduced sulphur (TRS), nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide ...

Acidifying Emissions Management Implementation Team (AEMIT)

by The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA)     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Also known as the Sodium Dioxide (SO2) Management team, the Acidifying Emissions Management Implementation Team was formed in 1997 to: Coordinate the implementation of the recommendations in the 1997 report of SO2 Management Project Team. Evaluate and report on the implementation of the recommendations and the effectiveness of the enhanced ...

Wireless Air Quality Monitoring

by HSE Integrated Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HSE Integrated is the industry leader in air quality monitoring for H2S, SO2, lower explosive limits (LEL) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our monitors are setting the standard in locations around the world.

Air Pollution Control Services

by Clearstone Engineering Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Clearstone Engineering provides complete engineering solutions for controlling emissions of CH4, CO2, VOCs, BTEX, NOx, SO2, H2S, mercaptans, particulate matter, and air toxics by the energy industry. This includes engineering, procurement, construction management and supervision and commissioning services for monitoring and controlling emissions. ...

Stationary Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Service

by Promet Environmental Group Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Promet's clients have also come to depend on the strengths of the company's stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program, as well as its preventative maintenance schedule, which includes routine monthly calibrations.

Gas Detection Equipment

by HSE Integrated Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HSE Integrated provides the most technologically advanced equipment for protection from poisonous gases, wherever they occur. We have personal monitors that can be clipped to clothing, and portable monitors designed to be placed downwind of noxious gases or in confined spaces.

Environment Monitoring Units

by HSE Integrated Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

HSE’s Environment Monitoring Units (EMUs) offer truck-mounted, mobile downwind air quality units equipped with the industry’s fastest gas-response-reading equipment.

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