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EPA TO-15 - Volatile Organic Compounds

by Environmental Analytical Service

EAS offers many options for VOC analysis by TO-15, TO-15 SIM, TO-14, and TO-17.  Check into a combined TO-15 Full Scan and TO-15 SIM for projects that have a few compounds need low detection limits.

VOC Treatment - Thermal Oxidation Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds

by Tri-Tech Holding Inc.

In the industrial production process, some plants produce large volume of volatile organic gases which will be significantly harmful to environment before treatment. For those toxic, harmful and non-recyclable organic waste gases, our thermal oxidation is a thorough treatment technology.

Industrial VOC Monitoring

by Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

Ionicon Analytik offers customized VOC monitoring solutions for industrial process monitoring. We combine the advantages of our technology with an easy-to-use interface and an automated system software in order to create robust automated VOC analysers for industrial production sites.

TO-4 and TO-13 - Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Methods

by Environmental Analytical Service

Semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) cannot be collected in a SUMMA canister because their vapor pressure is low and they attach themselves to the canister surfaces by a undefined mechanism. SVOC's in ambient and indoor air samples are collected on a sorbent cartridge made of polyethylene foam (PUF) or a combination of PUF and XAD-2 resin. 

VOC Leak Detection Services

by IRT Consult Ltd.

Fugitive gas emissions cost companies' money and time to locate. On an annual basis vast sums of hard earned revenue are being invested in the identification and tagging of these leaks as part of companies LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes. Fugitive emissions typically account for about 50% of total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions from ...

Animal Waste-Lagoon Aeration Services

by Toring Turbine d.o.o.

A large industrial dairy or feedlot operation can generate as much waste as a mid-sized city. While cities spend millions of dollars each year to process and dispose of municipal waste, feedlot owners cannot afford such expenditures. Factory farms are thus limited to disposing the manure in uncovered manure lagoons, or else spreading it on ...

VOC System Service

by EST Analytical

EST Analytical provides complete VOC system service including purge and trap, GC and mass spectrometer service.EST services all brands of purge and trap concentrators and auto-samplers manufactured by EST Analytical, Tekmar Teledyne and OI Analytical. In addition, our extensive knowledge of GC and GC/MS systems eliminates the 'finger pointing' ...

Industrial Air Treatment

by Berlie Technologies Inc.

Since the beginning of the year 2000, Berlie Technologies Inc. holds the license for manufacturing systems and equipment that significantly eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOC), allowing companies to meet applicable environmental norms and regulations. Through this technological process, it is possible to eliminate more than 90% of COVs. ...

Water Quality Monitoring

by Fugro EMU Limited

Our water quality team undertake investigations including sampling and analysis of environmental waters, process waters, potable waters, effluents and leachates for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. Fugro EMU Limited provide full interpretation of results including compliance against relevant legislative and/or licence ...

Analytical Services

by Custom Stack Analysis, LLC.

Custom Stack Analysis, LLC., has a qualified staff to perform several in-house analytical services.

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