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Aerobic Biological Processes

by VA TECH WABAG GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed to meet differing purification demands, which relate specifically to the effluent to be treated. As a rule, the concentrations of organic and inorganic substances in industrial wastewater are considerably higher than those found in the municipal sector. In the biological wastewater treatment ...

Anaerobic Biological Processes

by VA TECH WABAG GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The copying of nature’s fascinating capabilities as perfectly as possible and their harnessing for technical applications represents a source of innovative renewal processes. Nature shows us in an exemplary manner that the organic matter contained in water can be converted biologically into energy-rich, and thus exploitable, biogas by ...

CHEMICAL FREE Waste Water Treatment

by Simran Canada - Water Treatment Co     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Ozone has been used in waste water treatment for limited applications namely, color removal, BOD reduction, COD reduction etc but the applications were limited because Ozone alone is not sufficient to control all parameters of wastewater treatment.

Wastewater Sludge Recycling Services

by Veolia Water     based in Paris, FRANCE

Veolia Water helps public authorities choose the most appropriate wastewater sludge treatment and recycling channel, taking into account environmental impacts.

Preliminary Treatment

by ACWA Services Ltd     based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM

ACWA can provide the preliminary processes required for all types of municipal and industrial treatment systems. Preliminary processes employed by ACWA include coarse and fine screening systems, grit removal, balancing and calamity systems, pH correction systems, nutrient addition and polymer systems.

Tertiary Treatment

by ACWA Services Ltd     based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM

In order to meet stringent discharge standards ACWA can provide a range of tertiary treatment process, including continuous upflow, rapid gravity and moving bed sand filters and nutrient removal systems.

Sludge Treatment

by ACWA Services Ltd     based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM

For all municipal and industrial treatment plants ACWA can provide the appropriate sludge treatment system. This includes sludge storage, conditioning systems, for example polyelectrolyte addition, thickening and dewatering systems, including drum thickeners, centrifuges and belt presses, sludge drying beds and liquor treatment processes ...

Anaerobic Treatment

by ACWA Services Ltd     based in Skipton, UNITED KINGDOM

ACWA Services Ltd. has a proprietary hybrid anaerobic reactor for the treatment of high strength industrial wastewaters. The ACWA hybrid anaerobic reactor combines the benefits of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and anaerobic filter (AF) systems, and can typically remove 80% of the feed organic load.

Municipal Wasterwater Treatment Services

by WOG Technologies Inc.     based in Lake Worth, FLORIDA (USA)

WOG Technologies supports growing urbanization by integrating wastewater services into the water cycle of each city. WOG Technologies undertakes Environmental responsibility and offering all solutions on a turnkey basis for water resources protection. WOG Technologies manages facilities able to treat increasingly complex effluents in accordance ...

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

by ThermoEnergy Corporation     based in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

ThermoEnergy’s CAST systmes for Industrial wastewater treatment use the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible technology available. In the past, many companies have found it challenging due to the presence of multiple contaminates, higher concentrations of contaminates, high total dissolved solids and high levels of suspended ...

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