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by Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl     based in Medicina, ITALY

Hydroitalia – Colsen supports industrial companies and municipal authorities for the improvement of the water cycle and treatment in order to optimize industrial processes, reducing the current operational costs and increasing the sustainability of treatment processing of residual by-products, such as wastewater and sludges. All our projects are a ...

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

by ThermoEnergy Corporation     based in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

ThermoEnergy’s CAST systmes for Industrial wastewater treatment use the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible technology available. In the past, many companies have found it challenging due to the presence of multiple contaminates, higher concentrations of contaminates, high total dissolved solids and high levels of suspended ...


by Technical Treatment Services, Inc.     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

The Corner Stone of Clean Water, Basically, wastewater is the flow of used water from a community. Wastewater treatment services are largely taken for granted, however few people realize how complex treatment operations are, and how useful a highly trained professional handling your operations and or maintenance can greatly reduce your down times ...

Water & Wastewater Treatment Service

by WESA     based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Our only business is the design and implementation of water and wastewater treatment projects for industry. Our focus is on the selection of the most appropriate processes and technologies. We have no allegiance to, or bias for, any particular treatment technology or equipment provider. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of each client’s ...


by Hydroitalia - Colsen Srl     based in Medicina, ITALY

Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes an innovative and unique active sludge system named NAS® where a part of the biomass is constituted by the Annamox bacteria. The NAS® system is the alternative solution to the traditional activated sludge process for the COD and nitrogen removal from wastewater.

Leachate Water Treatment Services

by Econet Ltd - Econet Group     based in Helsinki, FINLAND

Leachate water is dirty and difficult to process  - water that has been in contact with waste in landfills and waste processing areas. We implement different kinds of treatment solutions for harmful leachate water. The most important of these projects has been the leachate water recycling system at Ämmässuo waste treatment plant in ...

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Services

by Veolia Water     based in Paris, FRANCE

Veolia Water supports growing urbanization by integrating wastewater services into the water cycle of each city. Expanding cities: More than half of the world's population now lives in urban areas and the growth of mega-cities is accelerating, especially in emerging economies. That being the case, the issue of wastewater is critically important. ...

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

by ThermoEnergy Corporation     based in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Municipal wastewater treatment poses two key challenges: nitrogen pollution and waste sludge disposal. Thermo Energy can help you address these challenges efficiently, cost-effectively and responsibly. We can help you convert ammonia from filtrate and centrate streams into a commonly used fertilizer and increase the energy content of waste sludge ...

Biological Treatment Solutions

by Xylem, Inc.     based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA)

Drought, population growth and water shortages in water-stressed areas of the world are being mitigated through water reclamation, or water reuse, where wastewater is treated and reused to become a reliable alternative water source. Xylem is the world leader in diffused aeration and advanced biological treatment technologies used in municipal and ...


by GreenSmith, Inc.     based in Evanston, ILLINOIS (USA)

GREENSMITH can provide a variety of wastewater services, including: NPDES and pretreatment permits, user charges, compliance monitoring and reporting, and design of treatment and pretreatment plants. Our professionals have designed treatment plants for a variety of industries, including food products, organic chemical manufacturers, heavy ...

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