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Water and Other Aqueous Samples

by International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL)

The analysis of Water and Other Aqueous samples for asbestos content continues to mature. This growth is evidenced by recent method developments by EPA. Investigations of asbestos in drinking water are conducted when water supply pipes are disturbed or replaced. Municipal utilities serving certain populations are required to test this analyte. ...

Water Quality Monitoring Services

by Columbus Water Works (CWW)

The CWW laboratory, also known as the Department of Water Quality Monitoring, employs 14 people. Certifications in the fields of Water and Wastewater are required for all employees including either a drinking water and/or a wastewater license. Testing is performed on drinking water and wastewater samples.

Lead in Drinking Water

by International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL)

Lead in Drinking Water is a concern for many building owners and occupants in public and private settings. EPA mandates sampling protocols, container size, shipping instructions, sample preservation, holding times, and MCLs. iATL employs the AAS graphite furnace technique for these samples. Results are reported in parts per billion (ppb). ...

Air and Water

by NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Air pollution is a collective term used to describe compounds that can cause damage to the environment and human health when released to the air. Air pollution has both natural and anthropogenic sources.

Laboratory Services Available - Soil and Water Analysis

by Sitelab Corporation

Ship us your samples and we'll test them here in our laboratory.  Price is $50 per sample with 24-hour turnaround time.  Samples are tested for GRO, EDRO and PAHs using our UVF-3100D and TD-500D analyzers.  Test reports include hydrocarbon fingerprinting.

Monitoring Crude Oil in Produced Water

by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

The oil and gas production industry generates produced water. Produced water is typically a mixture of formation and injection process water that contains oil, salts, chemicals, solids and trace metals. Produced water is the primary waste product resulting from the separation of oil, gas and water at production facilities. The discharge of ...

Water Sample Analysis

by CleanStream c/o Marshall Pump Systems Ltd.

We can offer a service which complements that provided by Environmental Health departments, whereby we carry out on-site chemical analysis, for a range of parameters, using Palintest test equipment. This enables us to test at source, at tanks and at taps, as part of a survey.

Research and Development Services

by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi)

Requests for products based on Dr. Campbell's research while at Michigan Technological University prompted the formation of NECi.  Our company continues to develop uses for the enzyme-based testing methods based on further challenges from our customers.

Wastewater Treatibility Studies Service

by Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC

Ecologix owns and operates its own state-of-the-art analytical laboratory for conducting treatability studies and identifying the exact make-up of your water samples. Our team of Ph.D's and chemical engineers determine precise dosing requirements to reduce and remove TSS, FOG, metals, turbidity and any measure of water contaminants.

Aqueous and Mineral Intrinsic Bioremediation Analyses (AMIBA)

by Microseeps Inc.

Aqueous and Mineral Intrinsic Bioremediation Analyses (AMIBA) are used to assess the quantity of iron that can participate in bioremediation as well as the quantity of reduced iron and sulfide bioremediation produces. Microseeps has developed and is performing a suite of solid phase analytical methods for clients who are seeking a more definitive ...

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