Service and Support

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Service and Support

Reliability of equipment is critical in remote fire weather deployments—there's little to argue about there. However, 30 years ago FTS was founded on a single guiding principle that permeates every facet of the company: to make our customers successful we have to provide truly legendary service and support. We can't just claim it, we have to mean it. The market is just too small and close knit for us to just strive for it—we have to demonstrate it and be able to prove it consistently. We have to continually invest in it.

Our personnel—at every level and in every department of the company—are committed to making sure each customer experiences the correct solution for their project. We ensure that every client fully understands their new system and its installation process. Finally, we back it all up with lifetime technical support and service.

Support starts at the beginning of the sales process. FTS sales personnel are technicians first, sales reps second. They're trained to help customers design effective solutions for their projects, and are qualified to install systems and provide technical assistance. Sales personnel and customers have direct access to the FTS engineering team as needed for each situation.

Our customer regularly boast that you can always get an FTS technician on the phone with no waiting, and a resolution to any issue on the first call.

The need for constant uptime of equipment is important for the fire weather monitoring, especially during fire season. We understand how critical it is for data to be collected and to be retrieved from the remote stations, so we keep a large swap pool of every single fire RAWS product, ready to go should any problem occur. Our response time for parts replacement and swaps averages 24 hours. 

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