Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis

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Stable isotope ratio analysis is the precise measurement of the abundance ratio of two stable isotopes of a particular element. Many elements have two or more naturally occurring stable isotopes. Since the isotopes of a particular element have identical chemical properties but slightly different masses, they may enter into chemical reactions at different rates which can induce local variations in isotopic composition. The measurement of these variations can reveal information about the origin and/or the processes that have affected the material analyzed.

In the stable isotope laboratory at Geochron, we prepare and analyze a variety of materials for their nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen stable isotope compositions.

Recommended sample sizes allow for replicate preparations and analyses. Smaller sizes can be accommodated. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

All prices listed are for analyses of clean, separated, and sized samples of near-natural isotopic compositions. Samples requiring physical sizing, separation from other phases, or chemical pretreatment, will incur nominal preparation charges. Samples with significant isotopic depletion or enrichment with respect to natural levels should be discussed with us in advance, and may be subject to additional analytical charges.

Analyses of more than one isotope on the same material may be available at reduced rates if the sample gases can be derived from a combined preparation procedure. Other types of specialized isotopic analyses not listed here may be made available by prior arrangement.

For most stable isotope services, the turn-around time is normally less than six weeks. Oxygen on silicates and hydrogen on hydrous silicates may take up to twelve weeks.

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