Structural Engineering

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Material combinations or composite construction parts out of stone, concrete, steel and wood, as well as prestressed concrete, steel composite construction, steel-glass-elements or cable-stayed membrane constructions are used for design, economic and useful reasons.
More and more often there is no open construction area or non-supportable ground. Our special civil engineers design building pit securing, dead shoring and deep foundations also for the most unfavourable conditions.

Our engineers design, calculate and engineer the structures of:

  • residential and administration_buildings
  • universities and research buildings
  • schools and kindergartens
  • hospitals and nursing homes
  • gymnasiums and stadiums
  • special civil engineering
  • industrial halls and production facilities
  • water and wastewater treatment_structures
  • structures in the sewer network
  • flood protection facilities
  • docks
  • construction under existing condition

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