Sustainable Health Care

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Sustainable Health Care

Hospitals face growing operational challenges as they balance the delivery of excellent health care services with a changing economy, tight regulations and large volumes of waste requiring proper management. Since hospitals pay for waste in three different ways – when they purchase materials, handle these materials and then dispose of these materials – best practices in waste reduction and management are essential to keep operational costs real and manageable.

Compliance and Cost Containment
Resource Recycling Systems employs a full-system approach to managing waste materials, emphasizing compliance and cost containment from the point of generation to the point of final disposal or recycling.
RRS provides a comprehensive range of services for our health care clients in the following categories:

  • Waste Stream Management – Ensure proper disposal of your general, regulated medical, universal and hazardous wastes from the point of generation to the point of final disposal. Our staff will help identify and prioritize materials for waste reduction and recycling to help lower your costs and environmental impact.
  • Sustainability Planning – We help integrate sustainable change into your facility with waste stream management, environmental purchasing, sustainable operations and facility management services. RRS will help you set goals, develop and implement a plan and make your actions measureable.
  • Resource Management – RRS offers an onsite resource management team that works to aid sustainability efforts while continually monitoring performance, compliance and safety on a day-to-day basis.
  • Contract Management – RRS’s extensive contract management experience gives us the ability to negotiate pricing with substantial cost savings for your facility. We monitor the cost and performance of all recycling and waste subcontractors, giving you confidence that your institution is optimizing collection and processing overhead costs.

In addition to our main service areas, our Sustainable Healthcare services include:

  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Waste Reduction Solutions
  • Green Team Facilitation
  • Loading Dock and Handling Equipment Evaluations
  • Financial and Operational Analysis
  • Waste Assessments and Audits
  • Best Practices and Corrective Planning
  • Training and Education
  • On-Site Performance, Compliance and Safety Monitoring
  • Waste and Recycling Vendor Contract Management
  • Waste and Recycling Service Efficiency and Financial Analysis
  • Construction/Demolition Project Recycling Plans
  • Regulated Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste Stream Management
  • Pharmaceutical and Universal Waste Stream Management
  • Food Waste Composting
  • Waste and Recycling Standard Operating Procedures
  • Sustainability Planning and Implementation
Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. (RRS)
Resource Recycling Systems, Inc. (RRS)
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Ann Arbor ,  MI 48105

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