Baseline - Version 9000 - Keeper Software

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Baseline - Version 9000 - Keeper Software

The Baseline 9000 Keeper software is used with an external computer connection to Series 9000 Hydrocarbon analyzers. The software provides total control of the instrument's set-up for alarms, relays, calibration, temperature, flows, configuration, data export, and real-time data viewing.

Different set-ups can be stored as methods on a PC which can easily be loaded into the instrument for quick parameter changes on different applications. The computer can be connected directly to the analyzer with either a RS-232 or Ethernet connection. When the instrument is connected to a network it can be accessed using 9000 Keeper on a computer with a network connection.

The 9000 Keeper software can store parameters on a PC or export user selected data to either a text file or a terminal emulator. Examples of the data include but are not limited to: date, time, concentration, calibration parameters, flows, temperatures, and alarms.

  • View or configure the Series 9000 Analyzer from a computer locally or over a network
  • Easily switches analyzer between different method configurations to run different applications as needed
  • Store parameters within the program on a PC or export specific data to a text file or terminal emulator
MOCON-Baseline Series
MOCON-Baseline Series
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Lyons ,  CO 80540


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