EarthImager - 1D Electrical Resistivity Sounding Data

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EarthImager - 1D Electrical Resistivity Sounding Data

AGI EarthImager 1D is a Windows 32-bit platform based computer program that interprets one-dimensional (1D) electrical resistivity sounding data and produces a layered resistivity model that reveals subsurface geology. EarthImager 1D processes vertical electrical sounding (VES) data collected with Schlumberger, Wenner, dipole-dipole, pole-pole and other arrays. The forward modeling calculation is based on a 2D finite element method. Both smooth model inversion and damped least squares inversion methods were implemented in EarthImager 1D.

You can test AGI EarthImager 1D yourself by downloading the demo.

It is fully functional except some features like printing and saving has been disabled and the maximum iteration number is limited.


  • Inversion of 1D sounding data.
  • Support of Schlumberger array, Wenner array, dipole-dipole array and other sounding arrays.
  • Automatic iterative processing.
  • Forward modeling.
  • Terrain correction.
  • Multilingual support.
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Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
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  1. singh mahendra
    singh mahendra Comment

    This is very interesting and useful instrument

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