Geographic Calculator

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Geographic Calculator

The Geographic Calculator has become the standard tool for coordinate conversion worldwide, and it keeps getting better! Every GIS Professional that has concern with accurate geospatial data should have this product as part of their software toolbox. On a basic level, the Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point databases, and map files from virtually any coordinate system, datum, and map projection, to any other.

You can transform between coordinate systems, calculate the distance and azimuth between coordinates, and calculate a coordinate at a specific distance and azimuth from known starting point. The Geographic Calculator also computes grid convergence, point scale factor, datum shifts, and grid shifts. Of course, the Geographic Calculator is professionally documented and supported.

What's New? Geographic Calculator version 7.7, the most powerful and popular coordinate transformation tool, has been enhanced to extend geospatial data definition, manipulation and management across the user’s organization. The following new features are available:

  • New Seismic Survey Conversion job lets you access, maintain, and convert SEG, SPS and UKOOA formatted ASCII data faster and more efficiently
    • Quickly define custom reader rules to clean up improperly formatted data

    • Preserve and update metadata attached in all files

    • Convert Grid and Geodetic record sets in a single pass

    • Convert multiple record types (e.g. shot, receiver) in a single file

  • Updated support for CAD file Cell and Block types

  • New Web Mapping Service (WMS) interface for remote data connections in all data viewer windows.
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