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NivuSoft - Windows XP / Vista / 7 - Software For Measurement Data Evaluation


Software for measurement data evaluation for the devices: OCM Pro CF, PCM 4 and PCM Pro, NivuChannel and NivuSonic. For Windows XP / Vista / 7.

Hydrological And Hydraulic Modeling Software

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Effective management of watersheds must address the growing pressures caused by development on the natural function of rivers and floodplains. Planning for development and accommodating beneficial uses of water resources, while maintaining and enhancing the natural functions of these water resources, requires managers to consider many factors. ...

PDControl - Palas - Particle Measurement Device Control

by Palas GmbH

The new Software PDControl has been designed for the data logging and evaluation of all welas digital systems. Thus, the simple and quick particle size and concentration analysis are possible. With the analysis of fast concentration and particle size modifications by the high temporal solution of 10 ms, the Software PDControl offers particular ...

SAM-SK2 - Data Acquisition System

by Environnement S.A

The SAM-SK2 Data Acquisition System belongs to the SAM ARGOPOL™ range. Robust, reliable and modular, these systems are dedicated to environmental metrology.The SAM-SK2 Data Acquisition System is of an excellent quality / price ratio intended for small and medium configuration. The basis of software enclosed in this systems offers to the user ...

Sievers - NOAnalysis Software

by GE Analytical Instruments

NOAnalysis is a suite of four programs (Liquid, REB, Bag and Breath) for collection and processing of data from the Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer (NOA). Data is collected via the computer serial port and the programs can be run on a PC or a Macintosh PowerPC (System 7 or higher). All files are saved in a tab-delimited text format for easy import ...

OpenTAS - Administration and Dispatch System

by Implico Group

OpenTAS is the integral administration and dispatch system for the oil, gas and chemicals industry. OpenTAS optimizes and automizes the logistic and administrative processes within the oil & gas downstream industry (tank farms, refineries), especially in terms of terminal management, transportation, distribution and service station ...

FTControl - Palas - Filter Test Rig Control

by Palas GmbH

FTControl Software serves for the reliable and economic accomplishment of filter tests and fractional separation efficiency measurements with welas digital. Particular advantages are provided to the user by FTControl with the individually programmable sequence programmes for the fractional separation efficiency measurement. The user is guided by a ...

BIBER - Discharge Measurement and Evaluation Systems

by KISTERS group

BIBER is a discharge measurement application that you can use in the field as well as in the office. BIBER offers all functions for direct collection of discharge measurement data by means of a field computer and for manual collection and calculation of the flow measurement data in the office. In the field, BIBER works with all conventional ...

Permit Management Software

by Rivo Software Ltd.

Rivo Permit Management Software Solution Layer enables organisations to automate permit management. Consolidate testing, inspections, calculation and data flows from complex operations. Quickly identify exceptions and non-compliance, automate follow-up and decision making. With Rivo, notifications and escalations ensure the right people are ...

SAM-WI - Data Acquisition Systems

by Environnement S.A

The SAM-Wi Data Acquisition System belongs to the SAIVI ARGOPOL  range. Robust, reliable and modular, these systems are dedicated to environmental metrology. The software foundation enclosed in this systems offers to the user functionalities suited to the management of the pollution monitoring stations, whatever the used instrumentation could ...

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