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TURBNPRO - Version KC4 - Hydroelectric Project Developers Software

by Hydro Info Systems

The essential software tool for: hydroelectric project developers, consulting engineers performing feasibility studies and preliminary project designs, water power systems educators. TURBNPRO is the only software of its kind created to develop information on hydraulic turbines, their selection and application under specific site conditions.

Hydro and Hydro10

by Water Resource Associates Ltd

These programs simulate the operation of a reservoir on a monthly or 10-day time step. They simulate hydropower generation, irrigation supply, water supply and compensation flow either individually or in combination, as well as reservoir operation for flood control. After specifying reservoir geometry, hydropower installations and historical or ...


by Power Vision Engineering Sarl

Simulation software for the analysis of electrical power networks, adjustable speed drives and hydraulic sytems.

Hydrological And Hydraulic Modeling Software

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Effective management of watersheds must address the growing pressures caused by development on the natural function of rivers and floodplains. Planning for development and accommodating beneficial uses of water resources, while maintaining and enhancing the natural functions of these water resources, requires managers to consider many factors. ...

SIMAHPP - 4 - Professional Hydropower Software

by Hydroxpert Technology

SIMAHPP®4 Professional is the latest release of SIMAHPP series. SIMAHPP 4 Professional is an easy to use windows based simulation tool to evaluate the feasibility of hydropower projects. It is initially designed to simulate small hydropower systems of up to 10 MW but now, thanks to the newly added financial module, it can also simulate larger ...

MaxHydro - Hydropower Optimization Software

by Allocate

Optimization in general, is the search for a feasible operational policy that maximizes or minimizes the value of the objective function. Hydropower is non-linear function though the operation problems in hydropower are non-linear problems. The best solution to non-linear problems can be obtained by application of non-linear optimization ...

EPSIM - Optimisation of Alternative Power System Software

by Power & Water Systems Consultants Ltd (PWSC)

Formulation, evaluation, comparison and optimisation of alternative power system expansion plans.

IntelliSys - IPMC Suite (Integrated Plant Management & Control)

by Intellisys Information Systems Inc.

The IPMC Suite provides a comprehensive approach to process monitoring, information and maintenance management. The suite includes: SystemVIEW, ReportVIEW, MaintenanceVIEW. The applications are designed to easily share data and are configured with a common set development tools. Synergy is achieved when combining the products resulting in value ...

Hydro-Logic - Gauger2 - Desktop Current-Meter Gauging Database

by Isodaq Technology

Gauger2 Desktop is a current-meter gaugings database system designed for hydrometrists to operate on Windows PCs and networks. Gauger2 Desktop is a suite of three seperate software packages, DESKTOP, FIELD and ANALYSIS that can be operated independently or as a fully integrated current meter gauging and rating development system.

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