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DynaSim - A PC Based Ship Maneuvering Simulator

by Dynaflow, Inc.

DynaSim is a user-friendly ship dynamics simulator that incorporates Systems Identification Techniques to determine ship maneuvering characteristics. Once these parameters are known the simulator can accurately reproduce ship motion in the presence of waves, wind, currents, and obstacles or other ships. Multi-threading enables simultaneous ...

Hydrological And Hydraulic Modeling Software

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Effective management of watersheds must address the growing pressures caused by development on the natural function of rivers and floodplains. Planning for development and accommodating beneficial uses of water resources, while maintaining and enhancing the natural functions of these water resources, requires managers to consider many factors. ...

xprafts - Robust Runoff Routing Model

by XP Solutions

xprafts is a robust runoff routing model that is used extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of storm water drainage and conveyance systems. xprafts simulates both urban and rural catchments ranging in size between a single house allotment up to thousands of square kilometer river ...


by BREEZE Software and Data / Trinity Consultants

Our parallel version of AERMOD allows users to take advantage of multi-core CPUs, significantly reducing model runtimes.  BREEZE AERMOD Parallel produces pollutant concentration estimates identical to U.S. EPA’s Fortran executable.  Improvements in the product’s performance enhancements are based directly on the number of CPUs (or cores) utilized.

Q3drm1.0 - CFD Software For Quasi 3D Modeling

by ESDV - Environmental Software & Digital Visualization

Versatile quasi 3D (2.5D) hydrodynamic model, closed by three selectable depth-integrated two-equation closure turbulence models; solving complete and non-simplified fundamental governing equations, in association with passive mass transport equations (1 temperature eq. + 2 concentration component eqs.) and two extra transport equations, ...

xpswmm - Comprehensive Software Package for Dynamic Modeling of Stormwater, Sanitary or Combined Systems, and River Systems

by XP Solutions

xpswmm is a comprehensive software package for dynamic modeling of stormwater, sanitary or combined systems, and river systems. It is used by scientists, engineers and managers to develop link-node (1D) and spatially distributed hydraulic models (2D) for analysis and design. Its use over the last 25 years has made it one of the most stable and ...

xpstorm - Comprehensive Software Package for Dynamic Modeling of Urban Stormwater Systems and River Systems

by XP Solutions

xpstorm is a comprehensive software package for dynamic modeling of urban stormwater systems and river systems. It is used by scientists, engineers and managers to develop link-node (1D) and spatially distributed (2D) hydraulic models for analysis and design. Widely used by private consultants and public agencies responsible for stormwater and ...

ISATIS - Geostatistics Software Solution


ISATIS is the Reference geostatistics-dedicated software solution which offers, in a single integrated package, an exclusive range of proven geostatistical techniques for in-depth data analysis, mapping, estimation and simulations. Using ISATIS, you can be sure of the reliability of your results: robust techniques, well researched algorithms, ...

ModelRisk - Risk Modeling Software

by Vose Risk Consulting and Software

ModelRisk is available in three versions:ModelRisk Standard (STD): provides advanced Monte Carlo simulation in Excel. Vose Software offers the Standard version free of charge. Download your copy of ModelRisk Standard here. ModelRisk Professional (PRO): adds 'objects' to ModelRisk Standard that greatly extend and simplify what you can model, as ...

Numerical Calculations Modelling for Weather Forecast Software

by Meteosim S.L.

Modelling is a technique based on numerical calculations for the validation of conceptual models which reproduce the reality of complex natural phenomena. Through the careful observation of these phenomena, some hypothetical equations are defined that fit reality and confirm the established hypotheses and can be validated with instrumental data.

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