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Aquis - Water Network Management Software

by 7-Technologies A/S

AQUIS is the most advanced, powerful and extensive water network simulation platform designed to improve: Hydraulic performance, Water quality, Safety of operation. while reducing: Water supply costs, Leak risks, Non-revenue water, Customer complaints, Capital investment. AQUIS is in daily operation in 1500 cities worldwide, and provides clean ...

Innovyze - IWLive - Modeling Software of Water Distribution Systems

by Innovyze

As the powerful advantages of the modeling of water distribution systems become increasingly more apparent, IWLive makes those benefits accessible to control room staff leading to greater efficiency, cost savings and an improved service for customers.

InfoWorks WS - Water Distribution Modeling and Management Software

by Innovyze

InfoWorks WS provides a comprehensive model management solution that will enable analysis and management of distribution network models more efficiently and accurately than ever before. InfoWorks WS may be configured as a component of a corporate modeling solution or as a stand-alone desktop application. The combination of a fast relational ...

BlueBox - Intelligent Water Analytics System

by Whitewater Technology Group

Through a unique process of learning how combinations of water quality parameters interact with operational and mechanical parameters, the system provides insights on distribution network behavior. The BlueBox collects, validates, and synchronizes continuous data originating from online water quality sensors, network diagnostic sensors, valves and ...

Bentley Water

by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)

Bentley® Water is a comprehensive geospatial engineering solution for municipal water networks design and management. An integrated GIS and design environment coupled with an intelligent network model allow municipalities and utilities to address all operations of a typical water supply network. Bentley Water leverages all the advantages of ...

Innovyze - InfoWater - Water Distribution Modeling and Management Software

by Innovyze

InfoWater is a fully GIS integrated water distribution modeling and management software application. Built atop ArcGIS™ using the latest Microsoft .NET and ESRI ArcObjects component technologies, InfoWater seamlessly integrates advanced water network modeling and optimization functionality with the latest generation of ArcGIS. InfoWater ...


by Bentley Systems, Inc (Haestad solutions)

WaterGEMS is a comprehensive and easy to use water distribution modeling solution featuring interoperability across stand-alone, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation environments. From fire flow and water quality simulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, to advanced Genetic Algorithm optimization, WaterGEMS comes equipped with everything ...

InfoWater UDF

by Innovyze

MWH Soft InfoWater UDF delivers unprecedented power and flexibility in managing the systematic flushing of water distribution systems to restore hydraulic capacity by removing stagnant water and mineral and sediment deposits that have accumulated over time.

H2OMAP Water

by Innovyze

Built using advanced Object-Oriented Geospatial Component model, H2OMAP Water provides the most powerful and practical GIS platform for water utility solutions. As a stand-alone GIS-based program, H2OMAP Water combines spatial analysis tools and mapping functions with sophisticated and accurate network modeling for complete infrastructure (asset) ...


by Innovyze

QualWatch enables water utilities to monitor and assess water quality dynamics in their water distribution networks in real time, helping them identify potential breaches, and build resiliency and agility to respond and protect public health.

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