Predictor-LimA - Version 10 - Software Suite for Environmental Noise Calculations

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Predictor-LimA - Version 10 - Software Suite for Environmental Noise Calculations
The Predictor – LimA software suite is the complete solution for all environmental noise projects. Noise calculations for industry, roads, railways, aircrafts and wind turbines are all supported. The software is used by acoustic consultants, environmental authorities, heavy industries and educational institutes.

Predictor has a fast learning curve, enabling you to work efficiently, even for infrequent use. Modelling is easy with its intuitive and unique multi-model view and unlimited undo/redo functionality. Being powerful and intuitive with macros for automated model changes, you can model real life quickly, easily and accurately, even in complex situations.

LimA is powerful and highly flexible. Its openness eases integration with external data sets, calculation components and other systems. It includes powerful macro functionality with automated data manipulation and advanced geometric handling for modelling without the need to use other software such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Depending on the task, you can use the tool that suits you and the task best for efficient, powerful environmental noise calculation and analysis. Together, the suite allows you to do most of your projects quickly and easily, with the intuitive functionality of Predictor and the flexibility of LimA. In addition, the LimA system provides you with the tools to do in-depth specialist work and fully integrate environmental noise calculations in other systems.


  • Environmental noise mapping, management, action planning and impact assessment
  • Fulfillment of European Commission directives such as Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) in accordance with Guidelines on Revised Interim Computation Methods (2003/613/EC)
  • Fulfillment of the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC) and similar
  • Educational purposes
  • Integration in other (GIS/management) systems


  • Fast learning curve, even for infrequent use
  • Accurate and intuitive modelling, also for complex situations
  • Fast calculations, among the fastest on the market
  • Time saving integrated bookkeeping for model data and results
  • Powerful result analysis and what if scenarios
  • Integration in environmental management, traffic management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as noisecalculation core
  • Automated Reverse Engineering and Instant Noise Maps using measurements
  • Make use of automated work flows (including calculation, plots, etc.)

The Software Suite

The Predictor – LimA software suite bundles the intuitive Predictor software and the powerful LimA software in one integrated state-of-the-art software package. In the suite, Predictor and LimA can be used as standalone applications or as one integrated application by using the LimA-Link option in Predictor. Because Predictor and LimA both use the same fast LimA calculation cores, there is no difference in calculation speed or calculation capacity.

The intention is to support users to the widest extent possible, offering easy access to problem solving for the whole range of analysis in environmental acoustics scenarios:

  • Small and large models
  • Simple and complex geometry
  • Well-prepared input data and raw data that have been set up for very different purposes
  • Standard and highly customised analysis
  • Well-trained personnel processing data or less trained personnel processing data under guidance

The suite offers three basic implementations:

  1. Predictor including LimA-Link: With the intuitive and powerful Predictor user interface, most of the environmental problems can be handled quickly and easily. With the LimA-Link option, raw model data can be transferred from Predictor to LimA, be modified in LimA and transferred back to Predictor all in an automated and macro controlled manner.
  2. LimA: For calculation standards not supported by Predictor or projects were specific analysis is needed.
  3. LimA integrated in other (GIS) systems: For implementing environmental noise calculation and analysis functionality in other systems.
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