REACH - Version 1 2 3 - Compliance Software

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REACH - Version 1 2 3 - Compliance Software

REACH 1 2 3, is a suite of software tools that can enable your organization to become REACH-compliant based on quantity triggers and defined timelines. This intuitive software module and its processes help organizations to easily: Capture physical, chemical, toxicological, and eco-toxicological properties of all chemicals that are being manufactured and imported into Europe. Make decisions by analyzing this data through robust analytic tools and the most current regulatory data. Become compliant by seamlessly pushing relevant chemical data to the IUCLID 5 database.

The Wercs' REACH 1 2 3 set of modules integrates on to an organization's IT infrastructure and syncs to the REACH-IT workflow system through IUCLID 5.

Modules include:

The Wercs' Substance Information Management System (WercsSIMS™) is a comprehensive chemical, physical, toxicological and eco-toxicological database management tool. This tool provides the critical capability for chemical manufacturers to manage the substance information data associated with their suppliers. Through powerful analytic tools, manufacturers can seamlessly cross-reference their products with this established database to assess which chemicals will be impacted by REACH. In addition, manufacturers will be able to see the impact certain chemicals will have on their formulations.

WercsSIMS seamlessly plugs into the IUCLID 5 database through its IUCLIDSync™ module. Through XML technology, this module creates a direct connection with IUCLID 5. This connection will eliminate the need for manually uploading data and allow the data to be controlled and transferred between IUCLID 5, the Chemical Safety Report and 'extended' SDS without significant rework.

WercsDownstream is a portal that helps end users and manufacturers communicate effectively. This portal allows end users to check if risk management measures included in the extended SDS are relevant to his or her conditions of use. And, it allows end users to communicate back to the supplier new uses of the product.

Extended SDS
The net result of REACH will be accurate hazard communication through material safety data sheets (SDS). Safety data sheets are and will continue to be a critical component in communicating the safe handling of the newly registered chemicals. Based on the new REACH requirements, manufacturers may have to create 'extended' SDSs for certain products. The Wercs automated authoring tool provides detailed information on accidental release measure, handling and storage, exposure controls, personal protection and disposal using supplier specific exposure scenario and uses.

The Wercs, Ltd, with more than 23 years of experience in providing global solutions for hazard communication has already developed modules to expedite REACH compliance. At this point, no other solution can seamlessly integrate required data and required documents to help manufacturers and importers comply efficiently.

Avoid Development Delays. Capture, analyze and comply with REACH 1 2 3™ - Powered by The Wercs, Ltd.

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