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NewmanZone - Line of Vegetable Oil Emulsion Products

by RNAS Remediation Products

Newman Zone® (US Patent 6,806,078) combines fast-release slow-release electron donors designed to enhance in-situ bioremediation of chlorinated solvents and other anaerobically degradable contaminants (certain toxic metals, perchlorate, and nitrate).  Fermentation of the vegetable oil may support anaerobic biodegradation for as long as ...

Groundwater Exploration

by Groundwater Resources International

Exploration of the earth’s hidden groundwater resources involves application of a wide variety of tools and technologies derived from diverse scientific disciplines. GRI scientists possess extensive experience with the following methodologies critical to successful aquifer and water supply well location.


by Geovation Engineering, P.C.

Denitrification-based bioremediation (DBB) is a unique approach to bioremediation that uses nitrates as both electron acceptors and sources of nutrient nitrogen to promote anaerobic biodegradation and oxidation processes in soils, aquifer media and ground water contaminated with gasoline, diesel fuel, home-heating oil and other relatively low ...

Omni HIPPO - Water Treatment: System

by Omni Water Solutions

Recent advances in the use of hydro-fracturing technology by the oil and gas industry are unlocking massive reserves in the large shale fields throughout the world. Hydro-fracturing is a highly effective, water-intensive, well-completion method, which often requires several million gallons of fresh water for each well. The water that returns to ...

Dry Acid

by Cotey Chemical Corporation

Remove clays, shales, drilled “cuttings” and commercial drilling muds from water wells. Excellent for “gravel-slipping” and freeing stuck drill pipe. develop new wells to their maximum specific capacity by breaking down mud-cake produced during drilling. redevelop old wells producing in sand and gravel formations to their ...

Welgicide Cleaner

by Cotey Chemical Corporation

Remove bacterial slimes, iron oxides, iron bacteria, sulphur and sulfate-reducing bacteria. emulsify oil which has entered the well due to oil-lubricated pumps or accidental spillage. eliminate algae, vegetation or animals which have inadvertently fallen into the well. remove organic material from wells, plumbing, wash basins, sewer lines, and ...

Environmental Pipe Products & Slotted Pipe

by RST Instruments Ltd.

RST Accu-Seal PVC Wellscreen and Pipe is a system of top-quality monitoring pipe products for groundwater hydrology, environmental, drainage, water wells, and geotechnical applications. Fully automated NC lathe threading and proprietary NC slotting equipment ensure superb precision and consistency, as well as competitive pricing.

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