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MossWell - Shutter Screens

by Roscoe Moss Company

Shutter screen, also known as louver screen, is manufactured by forming downward facing louver shaped openings into pipe up to 40 feet long. The process incorporates use of an internal mandrel which perforates the shutter against external blocks. Shutter screen is commonly produced from a variety of steel types including carbon, copper-bearing, ...

Energy Optimised Coaxial Probes And U-Probes

by PS Pumpen Strebe

Stainless steel coaxial probes as well as U-probes, both with interior mounted turbulent flow mechanism, are an innovative solution to provide - abstraction capacities - from the first aquifer for heat pumps. Metal coaxial probes react immediately to changes in temperature and can adjust very quickly to the changing ambient temperatures. This ...

Cetco - ACCU-VIS / Belle Crumbles - Liquid Drilling Fluid Polymer

by CETCO Drilling Products

ACCU-VIS/Belle Crumbles blends a granular bentonite with a quick activating liquid polymer to form a slurry that provides an economical way to seal and grout boreholes, well casings, and earthen structures. Once set, the slurry forms a complete grout seal with low permeability.

Micro-Diver - Groundwater Dataloggers

by Oak Environmental Inc.

Compact size: Ø 18 mm - length 88 mm.48,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature.30-Point Pressure Factory Calibration.Pre-programmed and user defined pumping tests.Easy installation in small diameter wells.Ideal for pump and slug tests

DantoPlug - Pellets

by Dantonit A/S

DantoPlug pellets are unrivalled for plugging drill holes, separation of aquifer layers and filter settling of water wells. The pellets are made from pure Danish bentonite, so no additional unwanted substances are added to groundwater.

BIO-H2-GEN - Climate & Fresh Water Loss

by BIO-H2-GEN Inc. Research & Development

Fresh Water is a Finite Resource; it must be managed well. Everybody needs and uses fresh water. Of all the water you can think of, including the oceans, only 2 ½ % is FRESH WATER. That is ALL the world has and over 65% is locked up in the polar ice caps. If they melt into the oceans then that “fresh water” is gone!.

Novedades - Recirculating Systems

by Novedades Agrícolas S.A.

This new treatment concept offers a number of advantages that make it one of the best quality and most economic options available.The disinfection is very efficient.Recirculation systems employ different materials, either PE or sheet, which serve to accommodate the different types of substrate.

PlumeStop - Collodial Biomatrix


PlumeStop Colloidal Biomatrix (PlumeStop) represents a new (patent pending) technology innovation designed to address the challenges of excessive time and end-point uncertainty in groundwater bioremediation.

Drain Blocker

by Sorbcontrol s.l.

The DRAINBLOCKER is a fast and practical way of preventing a potential contaminating spillage from reaching storm water networks, treatment plants or aquifers. It has high chemical resistance and is an essential complement for any absorbent plan.

Oils Pillows

by Sorbcontrol s.l.

Pillows that, because of their shape and absorbency size are  specially good at absorbing large amounts of liquid spillage. Combined with Socks, these help recover retained spills.

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