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PermeOx Plus - Enhanced Aerobic Biodegradation

by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH     based in Essen, GERMANY

Successful bioremediation of petroleum contamination through aerobic microbial respiration depends on a number of factors including the presence of appropriate microbes, nutrients, electron donors and terminal electron acceptors. In the aerobic metabolism of petroleum contaminants, oxygen acts as a terminal electron acceptor and petroleum ...

TerraFix - Microbial Enriched Powder

by EcoDynamics Pty Ltd     based in Chamdor, SOUTH AFRICA

EcoDynamics TerraFix is a dual purpose oil/ fuel absorbent and bio degrader that readily absorbs and biodegrades all fractions of petrol hydro carbons. The natural non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes [micro-organisms] present in TerraFix naturally biodegrades the contaminant to harmless bi-products of carbon dioxide, water and a bio mass in situ in a ...

LINEBAC - Microbial Ecosystem

by Epicore BioNetworks Inc.     based in Eastampton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

LINEBAC is a microbial ecosystem that is formulated to biodegrade the diverse range of contaminants that afflict in industrial and municipal wastewater collection systems.

Biodegradable Polyethylene Additive

by BioSphere Plastic LLP     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

Biodegradable Polyethylene Additive is used to enhance the biodegradation of plastic by adding in hydrophilic parameters to the polymer chain. Polyethylene by itself can be consumed by microorganisms, as we have seen by the Staff at Ben-Gurion University in Israel. We enhance their reaction time in the biodegradation process and allow for these ...

Powder Biodegradable Additive

by BioSphere Plastic LLP     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

BioSphere’s unique ability to transform plastic articles into microbial feasts has allowed them to design a product specific for applications in need of powder formulations. The additive which is designed to be used in custom master batch compounding for clients and applications where a powder additive is desired under 300 um particle size.

Model KENAF-3 - Kenaf Organic Absorbent

by Interstate Products Inc     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

The Kenaf Bio Sorb granular absorbent has indigenous oil eating microbes that solve many long-term spill disposal situations. The product is all natural, non toxic, and completely biodegradable

In Situ Biological Technology

by Euremtech     based in Zelzate, BELGIUM

Stimulate microbial activity : create the ideal conditions for biodegradation.

Bioclean - For Wastewater Bioremediation

by Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd.     based in Mumbai, INDIA

Biodegradation is the Earth's natural process of converting organic matter into environmentally safe by-products including water, carbon dioxide and methane gas. This process is accomplished through naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. Although these micro-organisms are naturally occurring, certain extraneous factors may ...

DEOBAC - Biological Deodorizer and Odor Neutralizer

by Epicore BioNetworks Inc.     based in Eastampton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Biological Deodorizer and Odor Neutralizer is a liquid microbial ecosystem designed to biodegrade organic matter that causes odors in municipal collection systems.

BioNutraTech - Bioremediation Biotechnology

by BioNutraTech, Inc.     based in Porter, TEXAS (USA)

Nature knows how to heal itself from both natural and man-made mishaps through biodegradation, the world’s oldest cleaner. Biodegradation is the natural process whereby microorganisms alter and break down organic molecules. Natural communities of microbes are amazingly versatile. They can carry out biodegradation in almost every type of ...

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