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Water Conservation in Urban Households

by IWA Publishing

On the one hand, population and economic growth are increasing the demand for water but on the other, environmental consequences of climate change, pollution and over extraction of groundwater are decreasing the worlds supply of fresh water. This makes the availability of water for human use one of the greatest global concerns of this century. ...;

Oil Flow Studies at Low Tempratures in Modern Engines

by ASTM International

STP 1388 examines 11 peer-review papers that focus on the latest issues involved in oil flow related engine operation at low temperatures in modern engines (lubricated with modern oils), and provides a good basis for future specification development. Over the last six years, at the request of SAE's Fuels and Lubricants Division, ASTM conducted ...;

Bioremediation of Pollutants in Soil and Water

by ASTM International

A detailed overview of innovative ways to combat the pollution of the environment. 17 peer-reviewed papers have been divided into five primary categories: Bioremediation Feasibility and Applicability--Four papers address a number of issues including how bioremediation technology compares favorably with other technologies from a cost standpoint, ...;

Sampling Environmental Media

by ASTM International

STP 1282 is the first publication of its kind to address the vast array of challenges involved with obtaining accurate environmental specimens for pollution evaluation and remediation. 31 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers from leading experts in the fields of chemistry, geology, engineering, biology and risk assessment explore innovative ...;

Geosynthetic Testing for Waste Containment Applications

by ASTM International

26 papers help the reader with the selection, testing, design, and use of geosynthetics. The peer-reviewed volume: • Focuses on the many available geosynthetic material tests that are performed in isolation (index tests) • Contrasts these tests with soil/geosynthetic material tests (performance tests) • Determines if, and what ...;

Geophysical Applications for Geotechnical Investigations

by ASTM International

This practical volume applies geophysical techniques to hazardous waste site investigations, highway bridge foundations, and water quality. Seven peer-reviewed papers in a section on Surface Geophysics and Borehole Geophysics discuss: • in situ soil testing • measurement of engineering properties in rocks and sediments • ...;

Handwashing: Avoiding Germs And Viruses At Work (Handbook)

by Dupont Sustainable Solutions

Employees' health boils down to their hands. The cold and flu season causes downtime at work, but with this helpful training program, your employees will still be up and running. It explains the pure, clean facts on:How to avoid spreading germsHow germs and viruses are spreadMinimizing contact with germsProper handwashing techniques When and why ...;

Water for Subsurface Injection

by ASTM International

Covers four areas that must be considered in order to develop and maintain a sound, trouble-free water injection system:FiltrationCorrosion QualityReservoir ConsiderationsTreatment Methods;

GIS for Environmental Decision-Making

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Environmental applications have long been a core use of GIS. However, the effectiveness of GIS-based methods depends on the decision-making frameworks and contexts within which they are employed. GIS for Environmental Decision-Making takes an interdisciplinary look at the capacities of GIS to integrate, analyze, and display data on which decisions ...;

Programming ArcObjects with VBA: A Task-Oriented Approach, Second Edition

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

If you're ready to take your knowledge of ArcGIS to the next level, then you need to learn how to work with ArcObjects. But with thousands of objects, properties, and methods, how can you ever hope to sort through the ArcObjects model diagrams?The first edition of Chang's Programming ArcObjects with VBA: A Task-Oriented Approach gave us the ...;

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