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Handwashing: Avoiding Germs And Viruses At Work (Handbook)

by Coastal Training Technologies (part of Dupont Sustainable Solutions)

Employees' health boils down to their hands. The cold and flu season causes downtime at work, but with this helpful training program, your employees will still be up and running. It explains the pure, clean facts on:How to avoid spreading germsHow germs and viruses are spreadMinimizing contact with germsProper handwashing techniques When and why ...;

Plasticity and Geotechnics

by Springer

Plasticity and Geotechnics is the first attempt to summarize and present, in one volume, the major developments achieved to date in the field of plasticity theory for geotechnical materials and its applications to geotechnical analysis and design. The author believes that there is an urgent need for the geotechnical and solid mechanics community ...;

Excimer Lasers

by Springer

Among the many intense light sources, excimer lasers have a unique set of properties that place them at the forefront of tooling for material processing. Their extreme versatility means that they can be used in many areas of materials science and medicine. But three conditions need to be fulfilled in order that their versatility be truly ...;

Modern Biogeochemistry

by Springer

Modern Biogeochemistry is aimed to generalize modern ideas of biogeochemical developments during the last decades. It is designed to support a general course in biogeochemistry, and as such, is likely to have a broad market among the many universities and colleges that are adding such courses to their curricula. This book aims to supplement the ...;

API RP 2D Standard for Exploration & Production

by American Petroleum Institute (API)

This Recommended Practice is intended to serve as a guide to Crane Owners and Crane Operators in developing operating and maintenance practices and procedures for use in the safe operation of pedestal-mounted revolving cranes on fixed or floating off-shore platforms, jackup drilling rigs, semi-submersible drilling rigs and other types of mobile ...;

Ozone and Plant Cell

by Springer

Ozone is a normal constituent of air but this gas becomes dangerous for living organism when its concentration in the troposphere is too high. Most previous studies of this substance examined it merely in its role as an earth screen for the biosphere or an air pollutant. This book will also view its derivatives (active oxygen species) at a ...;

A Guidebook for Brownfield Property Owners Report

by Environmental Law Institute (ELI)

This report explains the process, problems, and rewards of redeveloping brown-fields. Chapter 1 answers key questions about brownfields and discusses some of the reasons that property owners should consider cleaning up and redeveloping their brownfield proper-ties. The following chapters of the guidebook explain the brownfield cleanup and ...;

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