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Manganese Ores of Supergene Zone: Geochemistry of Formation

by Springer

The major part of the world's high grade industrial manganese ore is being mined in supergene deposits. This book represents the first attempt to bring together not only academic but also commercial data on all aspects of the geochemistry of formation of supergene manganese ores. It is a distinctive account of the geology, geochemistry, ...;

Geomorphology of the Tropics

by Springer

Geomorphological research in the humid to seasonal tropics has primarily concentrated on the most characteristic landform assemblage of this zone, namely that of stepped, largely undissected etchplains, often dotted with inselbergs and cutting across ancient basement rocks. Although the author discusses extensively this subject, he puts particular ...;

Rainwater Harvesting : a Lifeline for Human well-being

by Earthprint Ltd

This publication highlights the link between rain-water harvesting, ecosystems and human well being and draws the attention of readers to both the negative and positive aspects of using this technology and how the negative benefits can be minimized and positive capitalized.In this report, the concept of rainwater harvesting is examined for its ...;

Poison in the Well

by Eurospan Ltd

Jacob Darwin Hamblin traces the issue of radioactive waste in Western countries from the end of World War II to the blossoming of the environmental movement in the early 1970s and provides a balanced look at the policy decisions, scientific conflicts, public relations strategies, and the myriad mishaps and subsequent cover-ups that were born out ...;

Policies for Agricultural Sustainability in Kenya

by Earthprint Ltd

Farmers in Zimbabwe have for many years been forbidden to cultivate fertile wetland areas known as vleis, ostensibly in the name of protecting the environment. This paper analyses how local people and extension agents have responded to a deeply unpopular policy put in place by the colonial government, and maintained even after independence. The ...;

Gravity, Geoid and Marine Geodesy

by Springer

Based on an international symposium held in Tokyo, the volume combines papers in the fields of gravity, geoid and marine geodesy. Special emphasis is placed on the use of gravity in modeling tectonic processes and the problems of geophysical inversion. In addition, absolute and relative gravity measurement in static and airborne mode, satellite ...;

Seismic Reflection Processing

by Springer

The author coherently presents the physical concepts, mathematical details and methodology for optimizing results of reservoir modeling, under conditions of isotropy and anisotropy. The most common form of anisotropy – the transverse isotropy, is dealt with in detail. Besides, practical aspects in reservoir engineering – such as interval isotropic ...;

Global Tropical Cyclogenesis

by Springer

Tropical cyclones are the most impressive and best phenomenon of the tropics, and this book fills a need for a thorough detailed book on the subject, concentrating on the remote sensing results on both initial and mature forms of tropical cyclones. It provides a comprehensive description of the physical, geophysical and meteorological foundations ...;

Ocean Biogeochemistry

by Springer

Oceans account for 50% of the anthropogenic CO2 released into the atmosphere. During the past 15 years an international programme, the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS), has been studying the ocean carbon cycle to quantify and model the biological and physical processes whereby CO2 is pumped from the ocean's surface to the depths of the ocean, ...;

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