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The Water Encyclopedia, Third Edition: Hydrologic Data and Internet Resources

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

“Just do an Internet search.” “It’s on the Internet” These phrases have quickly become a part of the vernacular. The quintessential book of data relating to water, The Water Encyclopedia: Hydrologic Data and Internet Resources, Third Edition arose from the premise that most of the information provided within this publication could be easily found ...;

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Land management issues, such as mapping tree species, recognizing invasive plants, and identifying key geologic features, require an understanding of complex technical issues before the best decisions can be made. Hyperspectral remote sensing is one the technologies that can help with reliable detection and identification. Presenting the ...;

Population-Level Ecological Risk Assessment

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

Most ecological risk assessments consider the risk to individual organisms or organism-level attributes. From a management perspective, however, risks to population-level attributes and processes are often more relevant. Despite many published calls for population risk assessment and the abundance of available scientific research and technical ...;

Wadi Hydrology

by Taylor & Francis (USA)

The literature of hydrology abounds with texts on the hydrological and water resource problems the humid regions. However, this is not the case for the arid or semi arid regions. The situation is exemplified by the fact a concrete definition for the term “wadi”, as accepted by UNESCO for describing these areas, is difficult to find.;

Modern Biogeochemistry

by Springer

Modern Biogeochemistry is aimed to generalize modern ideas of biogeochemical developments during the last decades. It is designed to support a general course in biogeochemistry, and as such, is likely to have a broad market among the many universities and colleges that are adding such courses to their curricula. This book aims to supplement the ...;

Asia-Pacific Conference on Science and Management of Coastal Environment

by Springer

Human beings have a long historical relationship with the coast. Initially it provided food and security, later forming important locations for industrial and commercial development. Now the emphasis has shifted towards leisure and conservation, although the former functions remain crucial. However, it is only very recently that people have ...;

Physical Oceanography of the Adriatic Sea

by Springer

This monograph is the first book on the oceanography of the Adriatic Sea. It is a synthesis between the physical oceanography of the Adriatic Sea, its water masses, overall circulation and regional dynamics as well as its connection to the rest of the Mediterranean Sea. Topical coverage ranges from historical surveys to contemporary methods ...;

When Continents Collide

by Springer

The few coesite-bearing outcrops have conventionally been considered as anomalies but the number of orogenic belts that contain diamond, coesite or other indications of metamorphic pressures >2Gpa has increased to more than 15. This indicates that subduction of continental fragments to depths of 100-150 km may have played a significant ...;

The Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission

by Springer

This book describes the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous mission, its instruments, investigation plans and data center. It contains a complete description of the first launch of NASA's Discovery missions, a series of low-cost planetary missions. The NEAR spacecraft flew by the asteroid 253 Mathilde in June, 1997 on its way to rendezvous with ...;

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