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Seventy Years of Exploration in Oceanography

by Springer

The present volume documents a fireside discussion with the world renowned oceanographer, Walter Munk, and gives the reader, whether scientist or surfer, a rare insight into a lifetime of passion for oceanography and geophysics. The book highlights the pioneering contributions Walter has made to wave prediction, ocean circulation, tides and their ...;

Geographical Data Acquisition

by Springer

This book is dedicated to the theory and methodology of geographical data acquisition, providing comprehensive coverage ranging from the definition of geo-referencing systems, transformation between these systems to the acquisition of geographical data using different methods. Emphasis is placed on conceptual aspects, and the book is written in a ...;

Global Tropical Cyclogenesis

by Springer

Tropical cyclones are the most impressive and best phenomenon of the tropics, and this book fills a need for a thorough detailed book on the subject, concentrating on the remote sensing results on both initial and mature forms of tropical cyclones. It provides a comprehensive description of the physical, geophysical and meteorological foundations ...;

Gravity, Geoid and Geodynamics 2000

by Springer

This symposium continued the tradition of mid-term meetings held between the joint symposia of International Geoid and Gravity Commissions. This time, geodynamics was chosen as the third topic to accompany the traditional topics of gravity and geoid. The symposium thus aimed at bringing together geodesists and geophysicists working in the general ...;

Seismic Reflection Processing

by Springer

The author coherently presents the physical concepts, mathematical details and methodology for optimizing results of reservoir modeling, under conditions of isotropy and anisotropy. The most common form of anisotropy – the transverse isotropy, is dealt with in detail. Besides, practical aspects in reservoir engineering – such as interval isotropic ...;

Quantitative Diagenesis: Recent Developments and Applications to Reservoir Geology

by Springer

Reservoirs generally consist of sandstones or carbonates exhibiting heterogeneities caused by a wide range of factors. Some of these formed depositionally (e.g. as channels, palaeosols, clay seams or salts), others may be diagenetic in origin (e.g. carbonate or silica cemented zones, authigenic clays, karstic surfaces). The severity with ...;

Engineering Geology

by Springer

This book is written to explain the influence ground conditions can have upon engineering with rocks and soils, and upon designing, analysing and executing an engineered response to the geological and geomorphological processes acting on them; these subjects form the essence of Engineering Geology. The text is written for students of the subject, ...;

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