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SuperSting - Remote Monitoring System (SSRMS)

by Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

The AGI SuperSting Remote Monitoring System (SSRMS) is designed for unattended monitoring applications on landfills, well sites, dams and other locations where changes of resistivity conditions over time need to be recorded and analyzed. The electrodes can be installed at the surface or in bore holes.

Stevens - Contact Meter

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Our contact meter is an ideal device for quick, portable measurement of bore holes, wells, reservoirs, and other applications where liquid level depth is needed. The probe is simply feed down and when it reaches liquid the light on the front of the unit illuminates. Depth can then be read from the easy-to-read white tape. The unit comes in several ...

Revi 800 - Bore Monitoring

by I.B.O.S. EU a.s

REVI 800 system is suitable for bore monitoring, with diameter 150 - 800mm. The camera head is lead to the bore hole on a pulley seated on a tripod stand. It is a stainless camera head rotating along separate axes. In the front of the camera there is a camera modul which is suitable for vertical view. A second camera, in the angle of 90 degrees to ...

Stevens Greenspan - PS 7000 - Water Level Pressure Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The enhanced features and performance of the new PS 7000 pressure sensor provides users with an affordable solution to a range of water level monitoring applications. The linearity, accuracy and performance of this sensor is comparable to that of more expensive models. The PS 7000 has a standard output of 4-20mA with 0-2.5Vdc as an option. New ...

Multisensor - 1200 - On-line VOC and Oil in Water Concentration Monitor

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

The Multisensor1200 is a fully quantitative VOC or Oil in Water monitor system designed for clean and waste water monitoring applications. It utilises a non-contact and reagentless measurement technique, sensing headspace gases or volatiles in a sample tank, and provides a measurement system with very low maintenance.

Water level Measurements: sounding devices

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

Several systems are available for measuring and registering water levels in bore holes, casing tubes, monitoring well pipes, water wells, open water, tanks, etc.

MTM/N10 - Miniature Depth and Level Pressure Sensor

by Dynotek Fluid Data Management

The MTM/N10 depth and level pressure sensor is available for applications where space is very limited. The housing diameter of 0.39 inches offers the user an ideal high performance level measurement in small diameter, i.e. 1/2“ monitoring wells, stand pipes and bore holes. The stainless steel construction and integral polyurethane cable ...

Multi Sensor Probe Pressure, Temperature And Conductivity

by Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden (UIT)

The water level, temperature recorder CTD sensor is a robust system for precise and reliable monitoring of    Water level,    Temperature and    Conductivityin bore holes, lakes and rivers. High quality vented gauge pressure sensors and an advanced data logger board define the standard of accuracy. ...

Borehole Packers

by RST Instruments Ltd.

Borehole Packers are suitable for a wide variety of applications in open or cased holes. Uses include permeability testing, monitor well sampling, packer piezometers, hydro-fracturing of formations, sealing artesian flows in open or cased boreholes and pressure grouting.

Shear Stress Measurement: field inspection vane tester

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

The shear strength or stress of the soil depends on different soil characteristics such as for instance: the granular composition, the humus content, the humidity and (in case of vegetation covered areas) the degree of coverage and the density of the roots. In order to determine the shear stress in the strata in for instance a profile pit, on the ...

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