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Raise Boring Tools and Systems

by Sandvik Mining     based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Sandvik raise-boring heads optimize the performance of the boring machine by having high penetration rates, great stability, low vibration and low torque demands. Together with our high-performance pilot bits, they enable shafts and holes from 0.66 to 6.0 meters in diameter to be bored to depths (or lengths) of up to 1000 meters quickly, ...

PME - Model Cyclops-7 - Logging Device

by Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME)     based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Blue Green Algae, CDOM/FDOM, Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, Fluorescein Dye, Optical Brighteners, Tryptophan, Refined Fuels, Rhodamine WT Dye, Turbidity. The Cyclops-7 Logger is a logging device able to receive a Turner Designs Cyclops-7 sensor. The logger takes measurements at a variety of sampling rates, set by the customer, and stores them to an ...

GeoVISION - Nano Borehole Camera

by Allegheny Instruments, Inc.     based in Williamsville, VIRGINIA (USA)

The GeoVISION Nano camera is the smallest diameter production borehole video inspection camera made today. The Nano downhole camera is a mere 3/4 inch (2 cm) in diameter and is designed for use in boreholes as small as one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter and at depths up to 2000 feet (600 meters). The Nano camera has standard NTSC resolution with an ...

Video Borescope Inspection Camera

by RHI Company     based in Kilgore, TEXAS (USA)

17mm diameter camera head with 39' (1m) flexible gooseneck cable retains configured shape. Mini water-proof (IP67) camera head for high resolution viewing. Two bright LED lamps with dimmer to illuminate viewed object. Glare-free close-up field of view. Display detaches for easy storage. Optional BR200-EXT extension cable available for ...

VJ - Video Borescope

by Geomorph Radars     based in Athens, GREECE

Battery-Powered Operation; VJ operates with 2 hours runtime by 4 AAA-batteries. Since VJ is battery-powered, it does not require outside power supplies and also can be replaced with new batteries when they run out. Replaceable power source eliminates the risk of downtime. Time may vary depending on the battery type.

Bore Hole Gradiometer

by SubSurface Instruments Inc.     based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA)

 Durable detector locates large ferrous metal objects by being lowered into drilled boring holes.If you don’t want to miss the presence of any ferrous metal in the ground, you can rely on the Bore Hole Gradiometer (BHG). Featuring two sensors, it works similarly to a magnetic locator and can even be used in water, making it ideal for ...

Biogas Technology - Landfill Gas Collection Systems

by Biogas Technology Limited     based in Sawtry, UNITED KINGDOM

Gas collection networks are crucial to effective gas extraction, whether for migration control or gas utilisation. They are therefore a most critical element in effective long-term site management. These systems (including wells, pipework and manifolds) are often buried and unseen, and for this very reason are most vulnerable to shortcuts or ...

Model R-Cam 1300 - Portable Borehole Camera

by Laval Underground Surveys     based in Fresno,, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The R-Cam 1300 Color Video Water Well Inspection System is equipped with two cameras in a single housing, each with a wide-angle lens, for viewing down hole and side view images in water wells or boreholes. Low light level CCD sensors allow the cameras to detect images with minimal lighting power, as low as 1 LUX.

GeoVISION - Deluxe Crank Handle

by Allegheny Instruments, Inc.     based in Williamsville, VIRGINIA (USA)

The GeoVISION Deluxe Crank Handle provides a means for retrieval of the Deluxe winch cable from a bore hole in the event of electrical or winch motor failure. The handle screws into the hub of the Deluxe winch so that it can be manually rewound. The handle comes with a 5/16-inch hex key for installation.

GeoVISION - Standard Plastic Borehole Camera

by Allegheny Instruments, Inc.     based in Williamsville, VIRGINIA (USA)

The GeoVISION Standard Plastic Color and Black & White downhole cameras are a great economical choice when the conditions are right. Standard Plastic cameras are designed for use in two-inch (5 cm) and larger diameter bores, up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) deep. These cameras are more sensitive to heat than Standard Stainless Steel cameras, and ...

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