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4x4 Direct Push Drill Rig

by ConeTec

Direct Push soil sampling, groundwater sampling, vapour extraction, well installation, ORC/HRC injection, Air sparge point installation, Auger drilling, Cone Penetration Testing, Grout plant, Pressure washer.

Solinst - Direct-Push Equipment

by Environmental Equipment & Supply

SolinstSolinst Drive Point Piezometers and Profilers are a great way to control sampling costs while maintaining the sample integity. EE/S can also supply you manual drivers and tubing, rent or purchase, to install Solinst equipment.

CMP Points

by GeoInsight

These innovative drive points use a unique soft seal instead of an o-ring. This lets each point fit almost any direct push water sampler or drive casing in its size range. Other benefits: reduce your inventory for various samplers and casing; lower cost than other points; always in stock for immediate shipment.

Standpipe Piezometer - Model 601 - PVC Well Points

by Solinst Canada Ltd.

Standpipe Piezometers are designed to be placed within a drilled hole to provide a filtered inlet point. Pointed PVC tip is also suitable for pushing into very loose sands at the base of a borehole, a stream, or into very loose tailings pond sediments. Excellent for metals sampling, water level monitoring, permeability measurements, de-watering ...

PrePak Well Screen

by GeoInsight

The 3/4' size allows larger sampling equipment than will fit inside commonly used 1/2' direct push wells. Usable inside most 2' or 2-1/8' direct push casing, or can be installed in an open hole. Each section is flush threaded with an o-ring seal for assembly of longer screens. Flush threaded end plugs are available. The other sizes have the same ...

Drilling Equipment and Supplies

by Atlantic Drilling Supply, Inc.

Atlantic Supply stocks most needs for water well drilling, environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, direct push and directional drilling. Our basic stock includes drill bits, bentonite drilling mud, pump and related repair parts, well casings and rods, water swivels, split spoons, augers, subs, cable tools, manholes, locking plugs, bailers, ...

Drive-Point Piezometers - Model 615 - Direct Push Well Points

by Solinst Canada Ltd.

Solinst Drive-Point Piezometers make ideal permanent or temporary, inexpensive wells to monitor groundwater, soil and gas. While costs are kept low, sample integrity is maintained. The piezometer tip and screen are stainless steel to obtain high quality samples, and a barbed fitting allows a sample tube to be attached. Easily install using a ...

PrePak Jacket

by GeoInsight

These economical, sand-filled jackets quickly slip over any perforated screen, regardless of slot size or thread pattern, making one-pass well installation using direct push easy and fast. Use your screen and casing, save on shipping and insure thread compatibilty. Tough but inert food grade poly filter fabric retains your choice of fthree sizes ...

CMT - Model 403 - Continuous Multichannel Tubing

by Solinst Canada Ltd.

CMT Multilevel System consists of 7 discrete zones. Zones are packed off using bentonite to eliminate vertical contamination between sand packed sampling ports. Depth discrete data obtained from CMT increases risk assessment accuracy, improves decision making, optimizes performance of site remediation, and provides vertical hydraulic head data for ...

Geoprobe - Model 6600 - Direct Push Unit

by S2C2 Inc.

Geoprobe 6600 truck unit offers 35,000lbs of down force and 47,000lbs of retraction force in a unit mounted within a PC-111 box on a F-550 4X4 truck. This unit offers the power of the Geoprobe 6000 series units with a large amount of storage for supplies, pumps etc. This unit pushed a MIP probe to 100' on September 29th 2010.

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