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On-Site Environmental Testing Services

by AEL Environment

The use of on-site testing for soil (and groundwater) provides accurate, real-time results, allowing field staff to confidently direct field work and communicate results without wasting any time or waiting for off-site lab tests. Additionally, the data can be imported into GIS based data management and analysis software to generate real-time site ...

Injection Remediation Service

by Strata Drilling Group

Strata Drilling Group performs injection of in-situ remediation chemicals and reagents including oxidants, reductants, electron donors and oxygen-releasing compounds using high-pressure injection pumps systems coupled with our direct-push probe equipment. Large volumes of remediation chemical and reagents can be injected at multiple direct push ...

Waste Management and Remediation Service

by AST Environmental, Inc.

Service include waste removal and disposal and in-situ remediation of waste residuals.

Remediation/Injection Services

by Atlas Geo-Sampling Company

Atlas Geo-Sampling has completed over 100 projects that involve the installation of remediation / injection wells or the direct injection(thru the DPT rods) of various remediation substances

Advanced Site Characterization


Ejlskov A/S is well recognised in advanced site characterisation. We use the best a techniques to describe the site. We have in house the most modern equipment including 2 Geoprobe direct push rigs incl. field laboratory and MIP-system.

Geoprobe® & Mobile Lab Services

by JBR Environmental

JBR Environmental Consultants, Inc. has direct-push systems which service clients company-wide. The Geoprobe Model 540U is mounted on a four-wheel drive, one-ton pickup truck. This unit produces 18,000 lbs of down force and 25,000 lbs of retraction force. The other Geoprobe utilizes a Geoprobe GH40 Hammer mounted in a four-wheel drive van that is ...

Direct-Push Capable Rigs Helps Services

by Parratt-Wolff

The availability of multiple types of direct-push capable rigs helps us utilize the right type of rig for your project – whether you are inside or outside, on pavement or off-road.

Injection Services

by Parratt-Wolff

Injecting various types of fluids such as HRC, ORC or other site-specific solutions have become commonplace in the environmental industry. Similar to pressure grouting, injecting these products involves conveying into contaminated formations known volumes of fluids at precise depths.

Drilling and Sampling Services

by Parratt-Wolff

Drilling and sampling has been the foundation of our business for over 40 years. By continuing to adhere to ASTM International standards, we strive to provide our clients with an accurate depiction of a window into the earth. The most common drilling methods Parratt-Wolff uses include:

Drilling Service

by LACO Associates

LACO’s Drilling team provides professional services to consultants and property owners throughout California. Under the supervision of a C-57 licensed driller with nearly 40 years of experience, we deliver responsibly managed, consistent results. Our established presence and expertise ensures that you will receive direct savings, quality ...

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