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River Basin Management IV

by WIT Press (Wessex Institute of Technology)

River basin management is a complex and interdisciplinary issue. It essentially includes river and groundwater flows, quantity and quality of water resources, water and soil interaction, droughts and floods; all these, in a frame of increasing and competing human demands, deterioration of natural resources, climate change, changing public views, ...;

Coastal Erosion

by Springer

The coastal zone is subject to strong pressures from a large number of users. Populations are migrating to it in large numbers. Industry wants to exploit it for its space, water and manpower. Aggregate miners want to exploit mineral resources and health centers are multiplying. It is a favorite area for tourism and recreation worldwide. The zone ...;

Handbook of Slope Stabilisation

by Springer

This book is an engineering guide for design of slopes and stabilisation works in rocks and residual soils. It is tailored to the needs of practising geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists. Engineering and engineering geology students will find it quite useful and a practical course guide. It can be used as textbook in courses on ...;

Karst Environments

by Springer

With a focus on karren formation in high mountains, and specifically in the European Alps, this text summarizes the scientific results of systematic observations made during field trips, as well as the interpretation, using modern analytical methods, of the data collected. Márton Veress, who has been working in different types of karren landscapes ...;

Geotextile Testing and the Design Engineer

by ASTM International

This book describes 1) the tests used by scientists and engineers to develop and then specify geosynthetics, and 2) the applications where those test results are used. It will help designers understand geotextile properties and tests and prepare specifications.;

Field Instrumentation of Soil and Rock

by ASTM International

Nearly 30 papers feature the latest information on field instrumentation for soil and rockThree major areas addressed include: • Geotechnical Instrumentation of Landfills; • Instrumentation for Project Cost Management, • and Field Data Acquisitions and Data Management. Two papers address the geotechnical instrumentation aspects of the ...;

Wind Erosion in Niger

by Springer

Since 1985, the University of Hohenheim, Germany, in collaboration with the ICRISAT Sahelian Center, Niger, has pursued the development of improved agricultural systems for smallholder farmers in the fragile agricultural ecosystem of the West African Sahel. Wind erosion is one of the constraints that limits crop production in the region and ...;

Soil Erosion

by Springer

Accelerated degradation of soils and surface waters produce increasing problems in many parts of the world. Within this context, the book addresses the topic Application of Physically Based Soil Erosion Models in order to present some essential tools for improving land-use strategies and conservation measures. Over the last 20 years, the need for ...;


by ASTM International

Volume 04.13 focuses on the mechanical, endurance, permeability, and filtration properties of geosynthetics. This includes standards for geosynthetic Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM's), designed to provide erosion protection for the design life of a project. Applications such as roadway stabilization and repair, erosion control, and soil ...;

Landscape Erosion and Evolution Modeling

by Springer

Landscapes are characterized by a wide variation, both spatially and temporally, of tolerance and response to natural processes and anthropogenic stress. These tolerances and responses can be analyzed through individual landscape parameters, such as soils, vegetation, water, etc., or holistically through ecosystem or watershed studies. ...;

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