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Ultra-StormWattle - Fiber Rolls Minimize Erosion and Sediment Runoff

by Argus-Hazco

Ultra-StormWattle Fiber Rolls are made with wheat straw, and bound into a tight tubular roll. When StormWattles are placed on the face of slopes, they intercept stormwater runoff, reduce its flow velocity, release the runoff as sheet flow, and provide removal of sediment from the runoff. By interrupting the length of a slope, the Ultra-StormWattle ...

Slopetame2 - Erosion and Soil Stabilization System

by Invisible Structures, Inc.

Slopetame2 is much more than an erosion control blanket or mat. Slopetame2 is a permanent three-dimensional reinforcement and stabilization matrix for steep vegetated slopes and channel banks. The integral rings, bars, grid, and fabric act to contain upper root zone soils, allow vegetation roots to easily pass through, and mi

Water Erosion

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Water erosion comes in several different forms with various causes. No matter the differences, each form can be impacted by humans both negatively and positively. While the causes of erosion by water are generally natural, human impact will always play a role. It's becomes our job to assure it is a positive one. If you are interested in increasing ...

Hy-Tex - CoirMesh Woven Coconut Fibre Erosion Control Meshes

by Gabion Solutions Ltd.

CoirMesft woven coconut fibre meshes protect seed and soil on bare surfaces vulnerable to erosion by weather, water and general abrasion, and promote vegetation restoration. These exceptionally tough, durable and hard wearing meshes are particularly beneficial on sites where erosion forces are harsh (such as waterways and exposed uplands) or ...

Erosion Control

by Environmental Technologies of Alabama (ETA)

Commercial-Grade Silt. Fencing Allows Water to Pass While Trapping Valuable Soil Premium quality CommercialSilt Fence is specially designed to impede silt and sediment (very fine soil particles) from washing away from the “protected” area during storm events or other water-related or erosionrelated events. The Fence allows water to pass through ...

Erosion Control


The best way to protect slopes from erosion is by vegetation. Nowadays, there is often not enough time to wait until new vegetation has grown sufficiently. There are a lot of different products to protect surface soils against wind and water erosion; some are made of plastics and some are made of natural fibres like coconut or straw, which rot ...

Geochem - Erosion Mats

by Geochem Engineering SA

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING’s Erosion Products are in the form of Three Dimensional Mats and Juta biodegradable organic meshes.

Beach Erosion

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Beach Erosion has become a household name around the world as it continues as a growing problem. Whether the shore is sheltered or exposed currents, waves, and sea level change play a major role in the causes of this erosion type. One solution is 'beach restoration (beach nourishment)'. However, this is not only a temporary solution, but it is ...

Erosion Control Polymers (PAMs)

by Sunshine Supplies, Inc.

Applied Polymer Systems is the only company in the world that manufactures these specific types of erosion control and water clarification products. Also, we’ve had our products tested by universities, water management districts and Department of Transportation groups who have proven them to work and proven them safe for the environment.

EnviroTech - Flex - Erosion Control Products

by EnviroTech Services, Inc

Product Description FLEX is a proprietary blend of organic polymers formulated to provide a non-chloride alternative for dust control and soil stabilization. FLEX provides a smooth, hardened surface when applied correctly. Surfaces treated with Flex will shed water in heavy precipitation events which will reduce loss of soil or road base.

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