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Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)


Water is a limited resource and is necessary for the preservation of human life and economic growth. The essential challenges of today are to ensure both environmentally friendly and cost effective treatment processes for water and waste water. Membrane technology solves this task by being an innovative, environmentally friendly, and trendsetting ...

Eurobent - GCL - Geosynthetic Clay Liner

by Eurobent Sp. z o.o

EUROBENT is a geosynthetic clay liner produced by sandwiching a layer of bentonite, a clay mineral which expands when wet between two or more layers of geotextiles. Bentonite absorbs water from the surrounding soil, its expansion is impeded by layer pressure from the geotextile membranes creating an impermeable lining material able to be used as a ...

Husky - Ground Covers

by Husky® Portable Containment

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up one of our tanks or berms. They protect the bottom of the tank or berm from all types of terrain. Our 10 oz. material is unmatched and is NFPA 701 certified fire resistant. Also the base fabric or “scrim” has a “Rip Stop” quality that eliminates ...

AC-900 Series - Long Duration Foam

by Rusmar Inc.

The AC-900 Series Long Duration Foam products produce an impermeable, flexible membrane that seals a surface to prevent emissions. AC-900 Series foam products utilize foam as a distribution method for latex. After the foam has been applied, the air bubbles begin to collapse and the latex coagulates to form a continuous flexible membrane that ...

Canadyne - Silt Curtain and Turbidity Barrier

by Canadyne Technologies, Inc.

Canadyne Silt Curtains are impervious barriers that comprise of a floating freeboard, and a vertical skirt of varying depth. They prevent silt and sediment migration into water courses and are commonly installed and used at construction and industrial sites.

Wire Mesh Gabions

by Gabion Solutions Ltd.

Gabions are wire mesh baskets compactly filled with 6g class stone properly wired together for construction of erosion control structures and to stabilse steep slopes and prevent erosion.The rock filled gabions are often used as retaining walls for highly erosive materilas,bridge abutments and aprons.

Fastrack - 609 - Woven Geotextile

by Gabion Solutions Ltd.

FASTTRACK SG (Standard Grade} range of woven geotextiles is produced with long term performance in mind. Available in strengths up to 200kN/m width as standard and CBR puncture strengths ranging from 1.800 to 12.500N. Woven from slit-film polypropylene tapes on high-tech Sulzer looms, our Fastrack SC range has been developed to provide engineering ...

Hy-Tex - CoirMesh Woven Coconut Fibre Erosion Control Meshes

by Gabion Solutions Ltd.

CoirMesft woven coconut fibre meshes protect seed and soil on bare surfaces vulnerable to erosion by weather, water and general abrasion, and promote vegetation restoration. These exceptionally tough, durable and hard wearing meshes are particularly beneficial on sites where erosion forces are harsh (such as waterways and exposed uplands) or ...

Coir Rolls

by Gabion Solutions Ltd.

Coir Rolls are an excellent technique for establishing marginal vegetation around lake edges and on streams and rivers banks. Coir rolls are cost-effective, organic revetments that are suitable alternatrves to hard revetments in many applications. Coir rolls provide a cost effective method of introducing marginal habitat to artificially lined ...

Eurobent - Europaste for Bonding and Sealing Compound

by Eurobent Sp. z o.o

Europaste is a bonding and sealing compound made from a combination of benonite and an anio-active detergent which acts as an emulsifier. The main feature of Europaste is its high elastic adhesive power. Due to the chemical composition of bentonite Europaste can expand by up to 90% of its initial volume when it comes into contact with water.

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