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Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)


Water is a limited resource and is necessary for the preservation of human life and economic growth. The essential challenges of today are to ensure both environmentally friendly and cost effective treatment processes for water and waste water. Membrane technology solves this task by being an innovative, environmentally friendly, and trendsetting ...

Slope Protection

by Maccaferri Group

All natural slopes are subject to continuous erosion forces. Whether the slope has been recently formed as part of development, or is in its original natural state, some form of erosion protection may be required. Maccaferri offers a range of erosion protection solutions to suit the slope and severity of erosion forces expected. Many of these ...

Geo Grids

by Gayatri Polymers and Geosynthetics

Geogrid is a grid like geosynthetics product manufactured from p.p / polyester polymers coated with PVC. Geogrid is flexible and offers superior tensile reinforcement. The geogrid consists of polyester yarns with a protective polymer coating, either PVC or Epoxy. It is available as a uni-axial and bi-axial geogrid and can be supplied in diverse ...

Geo Clay Line

by Gayatri Polymers and Geosynthetics

GEO CLAY LINER are geo composite that are manufactured with a betonies clay sandwich between to top and bottom geotextile where in one layer is woven geotextile & other is needle punch non woven geotextile.

GES - Coir Fibre Beds

by Geonet Envirosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Coco beds are made from coir fibre and coir geotextiles. Coir Beds are made out of 100% natural coir fibre and coir woven mesh mattings of appropriate aperture size and tensile strength. Coir fibre is sandwiched between two layers of mattings to form a soft thick pad resembling a thin bed. Coir beds can be produced in different thickness,width and ...

Reinforced Soil Walls and Slope Reinforcement

by Maccaferri Group

Modifying soil slope profiles beyond their natural angle of repose, can lead to slope instability. This situation can arise when reducing the footprint of a new highway embankment, or to gain development area on a sloping site. Maccaferri’s geogrid reinforcement used in conjunction with the soil, enable that soil to perform better than it ...

Channelling Works

by Maccaferri Group

The canalization of a water course involves constructing a channel with a uniform cross-section. This can be to control the meandering of a river through a built up area, or in the vicinity of infrastructure. Where channels transport clean water flow through polluted ground, or vice-versa, the channel may be lined to render it impermeable. To ...

Waterproofing of Reservoirs, Lakes and Channels

by Maccaferri Group

Waterproofing and lining reservoirs, lakes and channels serves many functions, whether to provide storm water attenuation ponds, or prevent contaminated water polluting the ground.

Vertical Drainage Works

by Maccaferri Group

Excess or uncontrolled water within soils can weaken them, causing numerous problems. The management of water from run-off, or from phreatic surfaces within the ground, is one of the most important aspects influencing the long term performance of that structure. The importance of effective drainage behind structures (concrete retaining walls, ...

Planar & Horizontal Drainage Works

by Maccaferri Group

MacDrain drains fluids underground from one place to another. Geotextiles attached to the drainage core on one or both side stop the materials or soils being drained clogging the drainage core or collection pipes. They are designed to replace traditional drainage materials such as gravels and sands. Left in place, water within a structure or the ...

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