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AASHTO - Geotextile

by Polymer Group, Inc.     based in Old Hickory, TENNESSEE (USA)

TYPAR C-Class construction geotextiles are value engineered to provide optimum strength, uniformity and durability characteristics for AASHTO M-288 applications. TYPAR C-Class fabrics combine over 40 years of nonwoven manufacturing technology and experience into one product line, providing the ideal solution for stabilization, separation, drainage ...

Coconut Fiber Biomat

by BIO GLOBAL GROUP INC.     based in Moore Haven, FLORIDA (USA)

This fiber is used in bioengineering projects, degraded areas, pipelines, airports, roads, railways, residential and industrial projects, mining projects with great landscape effect, Steep Slopes, drainage channels of moderate to high flow, margins watercourses sensitive to erosion.


by Cupolex Building Systems - Pontarolo Engineering Inc.     based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The lakes, streams, rivers and ponds are becoming polluted. Vehicle access ways or pavements such as roads, streets, driveways, lanes, residential and commercial parking lots, etc. are a major source of pollutants. Autos spend most of their time in parking lots and driveways, dripping the various petrochemical fuels, fluids and additives onto the ...

AgruTex - NonWoven Geotextile

by Agru America, Inc.     based in Georgetown, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

A 100% polypropylene (PP) nonwoven geotextile, AgruTex lowers initial project costs as it reduces the amount of base material needed.The staple fiber needle-punch geotextile is ideal for environmental and civil engineering applications including cushioning, separation, stabilization, and filtration. AgruTex extends the life of a project by ...

EcoGreenText - Non Woven Geotextile

by EcoGreenText, Inc.     based in Queens, NEW YORK (USA)

EcoGreenText’s Non woven Geotextiles are fibrous sheets in which the fibers can be almost randomly orientated. These materials are manufactured from either staple fibers (synthetic or natural) or continuous filaments of PP or PET which are randomly distributed in layers onto a moving belt to form a 'web' of assembled fibers; blends of PP and ...

Geosynthetics Such As Geocells, Geotextiles, Silt Fences, Geogrids And Erosion Control Blankets

by Armtec     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Armtec carries a full line of woven and non-woven geosynthetics manufactured from polyester or polypropylene. High-strength geosynthetics are commonly used in reinforced soil structures such as retaining walls, over-steepened slopes and embankments constructed on weak soils. Low upfront cost and highly predictable performance makes them a ...

Curlex - RoadRunner

by American Excelsior Company     based in Arlington, TEXAS (USA)

ECBs shall be standard Curlex Excelsior RoadRunner blankets as manufactured by American Excelsior Company. ECB shall be made of Great Lakes Aspen excelsior with one layer of netting (top side) stitched to form a three-dimensional matrix. Netting on both sides is optional. RoadRunner ECBs shall be naturally seed free and be of consistent ...

HDPE Geomembrane Liner

by The Best Project Material Co.,LTD     based in Tai'an, CHINA

HDPE geomembrane liner; Specification : 0.2-4mm. Size : W5.8*L150m. Material : HDEP. Model : BPMGMHS. Standard : GRI GM13. Certificate: ISO.

Erosion & Sediment Control Equipment

by Weaver Acquisition llc     based in Twinsburg, OHIO (USA)

We are committed to having the best maintained fleet of any erosion & sediment control provider in the Marcellus and Utica.Allow for efficient on-site manufacture and installation of Filtrexx® compost filter sock on the most rugged terrain.Installation rate typically 2.5x-3.0x faster than that of other installers using standard blower ...

GeoBags and GeoTubes - Smaller Sized Bags

by EcoGreenText, Inc.     based in Queens, NEW YORK (USA)

Geo Bags are relatively smaller sized bags fabricated from appropriate Geotextile and filled with sand or any suitable soil. The Geotextile used to make Geo Bags has fine pore sizes to enable retention of the soil-infill but also has high permeability to enable easy exit of water during the hydraulic filling stage. Geo Bags also has high tensile ...

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