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Eductor System

by Griffin Dewatering

Especially suited for deep excavations and stratified soils. As many as 100 eductor wells are commonly activated by a single pumping station although this varies considerably on the volumes of water to be pumped and the lift required. The volumes of water which can be pumped by each system are generally low, typically less than 200 gpm.

Ultra-StormWattle - Fiber Rolls Minimize Erosion and Sediment Runoff

by Argus-Hazco

Ultra-StormWattle Fiber Rolls are made with wheat straw, and bound into a tight tubular roll. When StormWattles are placed on the face of slopes, they intercept stormwater runoff, reduce its flow velocity, release the runoff as sheet flow, and provide removal of sediment from the runoff. By interrupting the length of a slope, the Ultra-StormWattle ...

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM)

by Terra Novo

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM) is a patented methodology, which combines EarthGuard® and fiber to form a matrix for full season erosion control. This effective and cost-efficient hydraulically applied formulation has set a new standard for sprayed-on erosion control BMP's.EarthGuard utilizes an extremely high molecular weight blend of chemistry, ...

S-Fence - Linear Sediment Protection

by ERTEC Environmental Systems

S-Fence is a patented high performing, low total cost alternative to silt fence. It reduces sedimentation and provides erosion control on or around construction sites. S-Fence is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice system for soil stabilization during all construction activities. Unlike traditional silt fence, S-Fence is ...

Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion

by Land Science Technologies (LST)

Geo-Seal ® is a patented, advanced composite gas vapor management technology designed to eliminate potential indoor air quality health risks associated with subsurface contaminant vapor intrusion.

Photodegradable Fiber Rolls

by American Fiber Rolls and Erosion Control Inc

Rice Straw Fiber Rolls are made from recycled rice bound into long tubular netted rolls. Rice Straw Fiber Rolls are contained in tubular black netting with a strand thickness of about 0.03 per inch, a knot thickness of about 0.055 per inch and a weight of about 0.35 ounces per foot from 85 percent high-density polyethylene, 14 percent ethyl vinyl ...

HPG-44 - Filter Fabric

by American Fiber Rolls and Erosion Control Inc

TerraTex HPG-44 is a polypropylene woven fabric. This engineered geotextile is stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure. It is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects, and is non-biodegradable. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13, making it one of the most stable polymers available ...

Erosion Pro Wattles

by Storm Water Inspection & Maintenance Services Inc (SWIMS)

Wattles are made from recycled rice straw that is pressure blown into tubular netting bundles. They are weed and seed free wattles. The wattles are secured at each end using hog rings. The Rice straw wattle is contained in a tubular black netting with a strand thickness of approximately 0.03 per inch and a know thickness of approximately 0.055 per ...

Curb Inlet Filter

by Storm Water Inspection & Maintenance Services Inc (SWIMS)

The Curb Inlet Filter Insert has been developed to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants such as antifreeze, metals, sand, silt, and litter from storm water runoff.Curb inlet filter is constructed from high impact polystyrene plastic with UV inhibitors. Rubber added for increased impact resistance.

Oceanus - Trench Drain Storm Water Filter

by Stormwater Industries, Inc.

The Oceanus Trench Drain Storm Water Filter is a multipurpose trench drain insert designed to capture sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from storm water runoff. A proprietary design allows 100% Overflow Bypass in times of high flow, reducing the risk of flooding while still retaining trapped pollutants. Its unique design also allows the ...

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