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Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix

by Terra Novo     based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Vertex Fiber Reinforced Matrix single bag package of blended fibers and bonding ingredients is easy to handle, mix and apply. Convenient one-ton pallets reduce warehouse space and allows for more product to be transported to job-site.

RollMax - Rolled Erosion Control Systems

by Stevenson Supply     based in Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Every site has unique challenges created by soil characteristics, topography, climate and other environmental conditions. Tensar North American Green covers them all with our RollMax™ Systems’ family of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Whether you need temporary or permanent protection, short-term or long-term durability, or ...

EarthGuard - Fiber Matrix

by Terra Novo     based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA)

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix (FM) is a patented technology, which combines EarthGuard and fiber to form a fiber reinforced matrix that provides extended erosion control protection in severe situations. This effective and cost-efficient hydraulically applied formulation has set a new standard for sprayed-on erosion control BMP's.

AgriGator - Soil Stabilizer

by AgriGator     based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA)

AgriGator Soil Stabilizer works on a molecular level as the product is injected into the irrigation water. As the water penetrates the soil aggregates, each AgriGator molecule attaches itself to several of charged clay particles on the surfaces of the aggregates forming a flexible net that allows the aggregates to expand and contract without ...

Biotechnical Soil Stabilization

by Salix Applied Earth Care     based in Redding, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Salix specializes in Biotechnical Soil Stabilization.  Live materials, specifically vegetation, may be used to control erosion and provide geotechnical stabilization to slopes and stream banks.  When vegetation is properly incorporated into construction projects, it can enhance wildlife habitat and be aesthetically pleasing.  However, even with ...

Soil Stabilization Polymer Process

by Terratech Inc.     based in La Mirada, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our design team focuses on each client and each project individually to develop installation protocols that suit the job and the site conditions. We engineer, test and develop the best methodology for each project to meet the performance expectations of our clients.

Erosion Pro Wattles

by Storm Water Inspection & Maintenance Services Inc (SWIMS)     based in Discovery Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Wattles are made from recycled rice straw that is pressure blown into tubular netting bundles. They are weed and seed free wattles. The wattles are secured at each end using hog rings. The Rice straw wattle is contained in a tubular black netting with a strand thickness of approximately 0.03 per inch and a know thickness of approximately 0.055 per ...

Silt Sifter - Bag

by Pollution Solution Inc. (PSI)     based in Lodi, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Silt Sifter Bag is the ultimate solution! The patented dual-component, bag-within-a-bag design puts the Silt Sifter Bag in a league of its own. The original cushioned sediment control device incorporates materials specifically chosen for both filtration and high-flow. The Silt Sifter Bag is available either pre-filled or empty.

Model 4 and 6 - Biodegradable Stakes

by Earth Saver Erosion Control Products     based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA)

1oo% Biodegradable Stakes used to anchor Erosion blankets, Turf sods, turf netting and mulch mats and used in the following sectors: Landscape, Erosion Control, Golf, Sports-fields, Public Works, Commercial, Residential, Airports and DOT's. Biodegradable Stakes sill store indefinitely, however once in the ground maintain their holding power up to ...

Drain Inlet Bags

by Earth Saver Erosion Control Products     based in Woodland, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Earthsavers Erosion Control advises that it distributes Caltrans approved woven monofilament polypropylene geotextile bags.

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