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EAS-Electron Acceptor Solution - Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

by EOS Remediation, LLC

Soil and groundwater clean-up is critical to sustainable business practices across many industries.  Since 2002, EOS Remediation has provided site owners and engineers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to remediation challenges through its R&D, products and technologies.

Impulse - Helicopter-Borne Frequency Domain Electromagnetic System

by Aeroquest Limited

Impulse is a digital helicopter-borne frequency domain electromagnetic system developed by Aeroquest and Geophex. This innovative wideband system utilizes a single computer-controlled, high-output transmitter driver to power individual horizontal coplanar and vertical coaxial transmitter coils, producing a total of 3 fixed or up to 8 programmable ...


by Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc.

Wavefront’s patented Powerwave process is an injection technology that improves the flow of fluids in geological materials, including sedimentary soils and fractured rock. These materials are composed of a solid matrix and pore structure, which contain fluids such as gas and oil. These fluids move through the pore networks or preferential ...

High Density Polyethylene

by Nilex

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes are used in a wide range of containment applications. HDPE provides excellent durability and resistance properties and is reliable in exposed applications. Due to the relative stiffness of HDPE, field seaming is generally required. HDPE geomembranes are available in a variety of surface finishes ...

Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS)

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.

When you add the GEE PALS to the mix, what's good gets even better. Small but mighty, the PALS is an easy-to-use, cost-effective downhole water-lifting tool. A remediation enhancing technology, PALS keeps the wells free of silts and can lift up to 150 feet. It replaces expensive systems such as pneumatic and electric submersible pumps while ...

Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS)

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.

When used in conjunction with an MPVE system and GEE Pneumatic AirLift System (PALS), the GEE Pneumatic Fracturing System (PFS) adds some serious extra clout. Designed to pneumatically fracture tight soils such as clay, the GEE PFS causes fracturing by injecting air (or gases) at a pressure exceeding the natural strength and in situ stresses ...

Titan - Multi-Phase Extraction

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.

Introducing Ground Effect's latest groundbreaking innovation The GEE TITAN System (patent pending). Designed to knock out hard-to-remediate sites, such as clays and silts, the TITAN combines nine GEE innovations into one (yes, you read that right...nine). The result is a powerful in situ remediation process that removes contaminants from ...

Hydraulic Fracturing

by Wescorp Energy Inc.

Hydraulic Fracturing is a common secondary recovery system that involves injecting deep wells with a solution containing a mixture that is over 90% water. The water then needs to be recovered and cleaned or disposed. H2Omaxx technology allows the water which returns to the surface to be processed and reused. The need to be able to process ...

TTI - Tricone Rock Bit

by Dynamic Supply Ltd

Tricone rock bits are widely applied in oilfield, mine, geology, water well and construction. Our tricone bits are made from high quality materials (steel forging, carbide, and others) with advanced processing, and have high wear resistance, lifetime seal and high drilling efficiency. Tricone bits consist of three cones that are mounted on three ...

AeroTEM - Helicopter-Borne Time Domain Electromagnetic System

by Aeroquest Limited

The AeroTEM system is a new and innovative approach to geophysical surveying. The original concept of a coincident coil helicopter-borne time domain system was pioneered by Aerodat scientists in the early 1980's under the guidance of Wally Bokyo (founder of Aerodat in 1969, and founder of Aeroquest in 1988). Aeroquest has since refined the system ...

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