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Sub-Surface Imaging Service

by Hydro Resources, Inc.

Hydro Resources offers a sub-surface resistivity imaging system which allows us to evaluate aquifers, alluvium, minerals and bedrock for numerous hydrological and geological purposes. This cutting-edge resistivity imaging and data interpretation process allows our clients a sub-surface view of the aquifer characteristics and water-bearing ...

Exploratory Drilling and Formation Analysis Service

by Hydro Resources, Inc.

In the exploratory process we utilize Sub-Surface Imaging and/or “test hole” drilling to analyze the underground water-bearing formations and to determine the probability of producing a successful well that will meet customer needs and expectations.

Full Color 3D Models Services

by C Tech Development Corporation

C Tech Development Corporation is pleased to announce that Version 7.9 of MVS includes the ability to create full-color 3D physical models using Z Corporation’s Z Print technology. The ability to create physical models opens up many possibilities for marketing, property restoration, public hearings, and litigation support. For those ...

Environmental and Geologic Consulting Services

by C Tech Development Corporation

C Tech offers environmental and geologic consulting services for data analysis and visualization using EVS. Our services are designed to complement (not supplant) the role of environmental engineering firms. Data analysis, graphics, animation creation and color printing services are available at fixed prices based on analysis requirements and ...

Petroleum Management Services

by EFI Global, Inc.

Our petroleum management team consists of geologists, environmental scientists and engineers that focus on creative strategies that are cost-effective while gaining buy-in from the associated regulatory agencies in order to provide a comprehensive plan for Underground Storage Tanks (UST) ,Above-ground Storage Tanks (AST) and their associated ...

Carbon Capture and Storage

by Energy Institute (EI)

In a world of increasing energy demands and a need to reduce carbon emissions to atmosphere, carbon capture and storage plays a vital role in reducing energy emissions from fossil fuels. Carbon capture and storage is the generic term for a number of technologies that capture CO2 from static sites and transports them to a permanent geological ...

Unconventional Gas (Fracking)

by atg UV Technology

UV Disinfection for Unconventional Gas Recovery (Fracking). Natural gas extracted from shale rock formations has become one of the fastest-growing sources of energy worldwide.  Using a process known as hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking', a key part of the process requires significant amounts of clean, sterile water.

Thermal Remediation Technology Selection Service

by TerraTherm, Inc.

Our full range of thermal technologies enables us to tailor a solution for your site without prejudice for any given technique. We have the advantage of low, moderate, and higher temperature applications, the ability to operate at both shallow and deep sites, both above and below the water table. We welcome the challenges presented by complex ...

Thermal Remediation Project Concept and Design

by TerraTherm, Inc.

Once TerraTherm identifies a thermal approach for a site, completes the initial engineering calculations, and reviews project data, we then produce a conceptual design for the project. TerraTherm’s expert engineers, geologists, and scientists apply decades of hands-on field experience to produce energy-efficient, pragmatic, and cost-effective ...

Experienced Field Teams

by TerraTherm, Inc.

The varied field experience of our staff places us among the industry’s most accomplished practitioners of onsite thermal remediation. Our staff professionals offer hundreds of years of combined experience, some dating back to the 1980s.

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