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Geomembrane - Model 8000 - Enviro Liner

by Global Plastic Sheeting     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Enviro Liner 8000 is a new fabric-supported polyolefin geomembrane material with the strength and UV resistance for most lining and cover applications.

Geomembrane - Model 2000 - Enviro Liner

by Global Plastic Sheeting     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Enviro Liner® 2000 series of geomembranes are Global Plastic Sheeting's polyethylene liners made from reprocessed resins; an economical lining choice for use in seepage control.

Geomembrane - Model 6000 - Enviro Liner

by Global Plastic Sheeting     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

With the addition of a new Co-Extrusion line we now texture Enviro Liner 6000 series geomembranes on one or both sides. Our geomembrane liners comply with the specifications listed below in the brochure, but custom asperity height and core thickness materials are available by special order. Global Plastic Sheeting is capable of supplying the ...

Solmax - Model HDPE SERIES - Geomembranes

by Solmax     based in Varennes, QUEBEC (CANADA)

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is the most chemically resistant member of the polyethylene family on account of its dense configuration (>0.94 g/cm3). Nowadays, it is the most commonly used membrane for containment structures in various applications. It offers great ultraviolet protection and ageing resistance from the intense stresses of ...

Solmax - Model LLDPE SERIES - Geomembranes

by Solmax     based in Varennes, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Solmax LLDPE series is Solmax’s line of linear low-density polyethylene geomembrane. As its name implies, LLDPE polyethylene is a lower-density polymer.LLDPE is also an amorphous material increasing its stress crack resistance to certain chemical product. LLDPE is mainly used where long-term large settlements are anticipated such as landfill ...

Premium - Model HD Series - Geomembranes

by Solmax     based in Varennes, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Adding to its current line-up of geomembranes that do not only meet but exceed industry standards, Solmax introduces the PREMIUM HD SERIES, durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane. The specially engineered formulation helps improve the material’s mechanical properties and enhance the endurance properties namely Stress Crack Resistance ...

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

by Erosion Control Forum     based in Bend, OREGON (USA)

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is typically a non-reinforced, cost effective membrane that provides many advantages for the user. For a non-reinforced material, PVC has high puncture strength and excellent abrasion resistance. In buried applications, PVC can provide a service life for over 20 years. In addition, PVC is resistant to a large number of ...

HDPE and LLDPE - Smooth Liner

by Agru America, Inc.     based in Georgetown, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Tough and flexible, HDPE and LLDPE Smooth Liner is the material of choice for containment applications and landfill caps. The chemically resistant material provides consistent thickness and delivers optimum weld speed and weld quality in the field.HDPE and LLDPE Smooth Liner meet or exceed GRI GM test values and requirements established by the ...

HDPE and LLDPE - Micro Spike Liner

by Agru America, Inc.     based in Georgetown, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

MicroSpike is the material of choice in containment applications where slope stability is critical. Consistent surface structuring gives this textured geomembrane reproducible friction angle values with the highest surface friction values in the industry.Manufactured using our patented flat die extrusion calendaring production process, MicroSpike ...

Model HDPE - Geomembrane

by Taian Modern Plastic Co., Ltd.     based in Taian, CHINA

Introduction: GM SH series of geomembrane is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene resins. The surfaces of both sides are smooth. The products are manufactured by the technology of coextrusion-blown triple layer. It provides geomembranes with specific properties on each layer, e.g. bicolor and/or textured designs.

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