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Tank farms Bund Lining

by Aquadam UK Limited

Tank farms can range in size from huge complexes in refinaries to clusters of tanks used to store heating oil or product ingredients in relatively small facilities. They all need to contain a material that is spilled or leaked before it gets into the groundwater supply. The geomembrane liner should be made from material that will resist damage ...

Technical Support

by Agru America, Inc.

Agru America provides technical support to engineers, owners and installation contractors during not only the design phase but as follow-up after project completion. Call us for answers to your questions about Agru America’s quality geomembranes.

Consulting on geosynthetics applications

by GEOTEX Engineers

Consulting on geosynthetics applications Based on our comprehensive knowledge of geosynthetics and our independence from producers we are in a position to recommend the best-suited product for any application. In addition we will advise on the best way of placing and jointing any materials used.

Planning of treatment and disposal systems for road surface water

by GEOTEX Engineers

Planning of treatment and disposal systems for road surface water The German government's decision to consider road-surface water as waste water requiring treatment presented us with a new challenge. Our experience with geosynthetics enabled us to offer novel solutions for rainwater treatment and retaining ponds.

Manufacturing Service

by In-Line Plastics, LC

At In-Line Plastics, we have a deep-seated commitment to quality and performance. With quality as our top priority, we seek not only to meet your project specification needs but to exceed them and provide an unparalleled peace-of-mind to our customers. We realize that our liners will only be as good as their raw materials so we source superior ...

Liner Integrity / Leak Location Surveys

by TRI Liner Integrity Services

We perform liner integrity and leak location surveys world-wide in areas that do not conflict with our survey rental clients for all geomembrane applications. Our state-of-the-art equipment is unparalleled in survey speed and sensitivity. We boast over 70 million square feet of survey experience.

Direct Sales

by Hallaton, Inc

In addition to providing experienced, high-quality installation, Hallaton also sells a full spectrum of geosynthetic lining systems designed to meet the engineering specifications and needs of your job. Hallaton has enjoyed doing more than 20 years of business with its manufacturing partners which represent the top companies in the industry. And ...

Earthmoving Service

by Comanco Environmental Corporation

For more than 20 years, COMANCO has exceeded our clients’ expectations by performing a variety of construction services to civil and environmental markets. COMANCO specializes in projects with general excavation up to 500,000cy, grading and dewatering in conjunction with geosynthetics installation services.

Geomembranes & Mechanical Installation Service

by PMP Group Pty Ltd

Our geomembrane expertise includes: Liners, Water treatment plants, Covers. Our mechanical installation expertise includes: Waste water treatment plants Barriers, Chemical dosing systems, We also have specialised skills in plastic fabrication and biogas harvesting. We also have specialised skills in plastic fabrication and biogas harvesting.

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