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Construction Phase Services

by Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC)

CEC has provided construction managementservices to our clients beginning with the bidding process through projectcloseout.  CEC has developed bid documents,solicited and evaluated bids, and negotiated contracts for site development andenvironmental remediation projects. During construction, CEC can direct contractor activities to ...

Bare Liner Surveys

by Leak Location Services Inc. (LLSI)

To avoid the logistics of flooding the geomembrane with water, the exposed geomembrane can be tested for leaks using a water puddle test. This test is used on geomembranes that are in direct contact with the supporting sub-grade or a GCL. Procedures for this method are specified in ASTM standard D-7002.

Q-TRAC Natural Sunlight Concentrator Testing

by Q-Lab Corporation

Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrator testing gives super fast results like accelerated laboratory testers, but instead uses actual sunlight as the light source. It is exceptionally useful for highly durable materials with exceptionally long lifetime expectations.

Technical Support

by Agru America, Inc.

Agru America provides technical support to engineers, owners and installation contractors during not only the design phase but as follow-up after project completion. Call us for answers to your questions about Agru America’s quality geomembranes.

Earthmoving Service

by Comanco Environmental Corporation

For more than 20 years, COMANCO has exceeded our clients’ expectations by performing a variety of construction services to civil and environmental markets. COMANCO specializes in projects with general excavation up to 500,000cy, grading and dewatering in conjunction with geosynthetics installation services.

Electrical Leak Detection Surveys Service

by BHF Environmental Ltd

BHF environmental has specialised in electrical leak detection surveys since 1994.To detect and locate leaks in plastic membranes, the company uses the geco system. This application of geoelectrics is widely used as an effective tool in the process of Construction Quality Assurance in many countries, mostly for landfill applications and water ...

Ground Improvement Methods & Design Services

by GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

There are various treatment techniques that are available to improve the condition of poor or unstable ground by altering the nature of the soil insitu. For example, where loose sands or man- made fill are encountered, deep densification methods can be used to increase the density of the material to a degree that allows for construction of shallow ...

Site Stabilization and Erosion Control Services

by AEI Consultants (AEI)

AEI provides full-service erosion control and stormwater services for projects ranging from commercial to multi-family properties. Construction activities can increase erosion by removing vegetation, disturbing soil and exposing sediment to the elements. Through proper slope and site stabilization, erosion and sedimentation problems can be ...

Voluntary Remediation and Brownfield Redevelopment Services

by SCS Engineers

We were among the industry pioneers in promoting public-private partnerships in what is now called Brownfield Redevelopment, and we are proud of our many successes in this growing field.  In fact, SCS helped redevelop environmentally-impaired real estate more than 25 years before the term 'Brownfield' was coined.

Foundations and Earth Retention Services

by D`Appolonia Engineering

D’Appolonia provides a wide range of design services related to foundations and earth retention structures. Projects where these types of services are provided frequently involve develop-ment of innovative designs using specialty construction techniques to provide cost-effective construction solutions in difficult terrain or in conditions ...

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