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Foil Structures for Infrastructure – Under Eater Installation

by Genap B.V.

Installing a foil structure in the wet (the ‘immersion’ of foil structures) is a Genap speciality. The aim is to create a synthetic non water permeable barrier so that the infrastructure and civil engineering structures can then be constructed in dry conditions. This method of building is unique in the world and is associated with the ...

Bare Liner Surveys

by Leak Location Services Inc. (LLSI)

To avoid the logistics of flooding the geomembrane with water, the exposed geomembrane can be tested for leaks using a water puddle test. This test is used on geomembranes that are in direct contact with the supporting sub-grade or a GCL. Procedures for this method are specified in ASTM standard D-7002.

Geosynthetics Services

by CQA Solutions Ltd

Although geosynthetics can be installed without third party CQA, the quality of the final product is documented to greatly increase when a third party CQA is present. This is particularly important when dealing with the geomembrane liners, which are typically installed as an impermeable barrier to keep components contained.

Other Services

by CQA Solutions Ltd

Leak Integrity: Studies show that nearly 75 percent of the damage found in geomembrane systems happens when the drainage/protective layer is placed over top of the geomembrane, not during geomembrane construction.

Professional Evaluation Exam

by CQA Solutions Ltd

Your training time is important to us. We offer a Professional Evaluation Exam to determine the students’ current knowledge level so the training can be tailored around your staff’s needs. Determine areas of training needed for your staff. Determine who you want to train.. Report shows areas of strengths and weaknesses. Determine if an ...

Lead Technician Mentoring

by CQA Solutions Ltd

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said, “Leaders are made, they are not born!” He was right; the process of leadership requires guided knowledge and experience. “One on One” mentoring. Customized training develops the student’s abilities to be pro-active, recognize potential problems before they happen, and ...

Pre-Employment Screening

by CQA Solutions Ltd

Have you ever been “burned” when hiring a field technician that didn’t live up to your expectations? Our pre-employment screenings will provide you with a better understanding of a potential employee’s actual abilities.. Screenings are designed to evaluate various skill sets such as: blue print reading, scaling, writing, ...

Towed Probe Survey Mode

by Leak Location Services Inc. (LLSI)

If the water in the geomembrane lined pond, impoundment, or tank is too deep or the water in the pond is unsuitable for personnel to wade, then the towed probe survey mode is used.  While standing on the top of the side slopes, survey personnel systematically pull the probe back and forth across the bottom of the pond along temporary survey ...

Soil Surveys

by Leak Location Services Inc. (LLSI)

Damage caused by heavy machinery while installing earth materials on geomembranes is the most significant cause of damage to geomembranes. A geoelectric leak location survey of the soil-covered geomembrane of a newly constructed landfill is a very cost effective method for finding leaks that occur while placing a protective soil cover over the ...

Q-TRAC Natural Sunlight Concentrator Testing

by Q-Lab Corporation

Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrator testing is available at Q-Lab's Arizona facility. It gives super fast results like accelerated laboratory testers, but instead uses actual sunlight as the light source. It is exceptionally useful for highly durable materials with exceptionally long lifetime expectations.The Q-TRAC system uses an array of 10 ...

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