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Bi-Partite Root Auger Set

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

By applying the bi-partite root auger almost undisturbed, uniform soil samples can be taken in layers of maximal 15 cm. The bi-partite root auger consists of a bottom part fitted with an exchangeable drilling-crown and a short unscrewable top part (handle) with a beating head. In lighter soil the auger can be pushed and turned into the soil. In ...

Eijkelkamp - Surveying Set for Shallow Wells

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water has developed a survey drilling set for site investigations (to find the best place for the construction of a well). Survey drilling is started with the 10 cm auger. If the borehole collapses, which may happen below groundwater level, the casing tubes with steel screw thread sockets are lowered into the borehole and the ...

AMS - Portable Grout Station

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)     Distributor in HUNGARY

This portable grout station provides a continuous flow of grout for completion of drilling and direct push applications. The grout station's hydraulic piston pump attaches easily to quick connects on AMS' auxiliary hydraulic hook-up kit. A lever controls the supply of liquid grout, which is delivered through a tube, ID of DP tooling, or tremie ...

Auger Set for Heterogeneous Soils

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

01.11.SO. Augerings and samplings in homegeneous soils (soils with an uniform soil profile), in almost all cases can be executed with one type of auger. For augerings in heterogeneous soils (soils with a layered soil profile), several different auger types will be applied. This has led to the composition of an auger set for heterogeneous soils. ...

Piston Sampler Set

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

The set is very suitable for sampling less cohesive soil layers below the (ground) water table to a depth up to 5 metres. The samples show little disturbance and therefore are suitable for very accurate profile description. With the set 01.09.SA one piston sampler (200 cm) is used with a sample gutter to empty the sampler in. The sampler with ...

AMS PowerProbe - Model 9110-LAP and 9110-Power - Portable Direct Push Rig

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)     Distributor in HUNGARY

The AMS PowerProbe 9100-P is a portable direct push rig, designed for use in confined spaces or buildings where a vehicle-mounted probe cannot go. This model can be driven off any standard AMS PowerProbeª with an auxiliary hydraulic hook-up kit, or the optional AMS portable hydraulic power unit. The 9100-P comes standard with a 50 ft-lb ...

Groundwater Monitoring Pipes: Bentonite Plugs

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

When making a bore hole, often to install a monitoring well, impervious strata are often drilled through. If the sealingoperation of such a stratum is not repaired, contamination can easily spread into a water-bearing stratum that was clean prior to the hole being drilled. Here, bentonite can be used as a cheap and relatively simple seal. Due to ...

Model SB - Undisturbed Soil Sampling: Liner Sampler Set

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in HUNGARY

With these sets, with conical screwthread connection, undisturbed soil samples can be taken in a thin walled tube applying a stainless steel core sampler with sample tubes and cutting head. In soft soils the sampler is pressed into the soil, possibly using the push-/pull handle. In hard soils the sampler tube can be driven into the soil using the ...

AMS - Compacted Soil Sampler

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)     Distributor in HUNGARY

Save time and energy in soil conditions where soil probes & slide hammers just won’t get the job done! The AMS Compacted Soil Sampler works great for obtaining “composite” soil samples in hard compacted and frozen soils. The 1-1/16” x 21” Flighted Auger with carbide bit may be connected to any ½” ...

Batch Fluid Bed System Rental Package

by Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.
 / Carrier Europe S.C.A     Distributor in SZEKESFEHERVAR, HUNGARY

Batch Processing Unit including: Processing area of 1 square foot. Patented drilled deck. Adjustable vertical stroke drive with 2 HP motor. Exhaust hood with view ports.

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