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Biggie Bailer

by Aqua Bailers, Inc.     based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

Aqua Bailers’ Biggie Bailer is the only 3-foot bailer that can hold over 5 liters of water, making purging 4” wells faster and easier. This disposable bailer can withstand rugged use and features a large pour top to facilitate quick emptying. Available in Poly and PVC styles.

Monoflex - Porous Cup Lysimeters For Vadose (Unsaturated) Zone Monitoring

by Baker Manufacturing Co, LLC - Water Systems Division     based in Bechtelsville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Investigation of the vadose (unsaturated) zone is an essential part of the many environmental monitoring programs. The ability to detect groundwater pollutants as the travel toward the water table is possible with the use of Monoflex Lysimeters. Early detection may result in less expensive remedial measures.

Microbiological Enhanced Groundwater Circulation Well (mGCW)

by IEG Technologie GmbH     based in Gruibingen, GERMANY

Due to the minimal environmental impact and low cost of implementation, biological remediation technologies have become increasingly popular during the last few years. In an ideal case, depending on the type of contaminants on the site, naturally occurring microorganisms degrade organic compounds to carbon dioxide and water. The rate of ...

Photovac - Model 2020 - Miniature Portable Photo ionization Detector

by Spectra Scientific, Inc.     based in Woburn, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Photovac 2020 Miniature Portable Photo ionization Detector measures low levels of volatile organic compounds( VOCs ) in air, soil and groundwater. The Photovac 2020 weighs less than 2 pounds and is ideal for fast detection of VOCs in environmental and industrial hygiene applications. Powerful integrated data logging software with downloading ...

RIPE - Inflatable Packers

by Replacement Inflatable Packers & Elements Pty Ltd     based in Perth, AUSTRALIA

Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements Pty Ltd manufacture standard and custom designed packers to suit the unique requirements of your project. RIPE supplies high pressure inflatable packers for hydraulic fracturing and block caving procedures capable of pressures up to 12,000psi (83MPa)., Supplying Inflatable packers for: Environmental ...

Geoprobe - Model 7822DT - Direct Push Unit

by S2C2 Inc.     based in Raritan, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Geoprobe 7822DT track unit offers 36,000lbs of down force and 48,000lbs of retraction force in a unit that is track mounted and only 60' wide. The rig is capable of advancing 2.25' and 3.25' tooling to greater depths and has much improved auger capabilities. Overall the 7822DT has approximately 30% more power than the 6000 series units. Height ...

Geoprobe - Model 6600 - Direct Push Unit

by S2C2 Inc.     based in Raritan, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Geoprobe 6600 truck unit offers 35,000lbs of down force and 47,000lbs of retraction force in a unit mounted within a PC-111 box on a F-550 4X4 truck. This unit offers the power of the Geoprobe 6000 series units with a large amount of storage for supplies, pumps etc. This unit pushed a MIP probe to 100' on September 29th 2010.

Model YIS-100SP to 300SP - Famous Magic Mirror System

by Yamashita Denso     based in TOKYO, JAPAN

This is the well known technology, called as 'Magic Mirror' or 'Makyo Inspection system' to be able to inspect semiconductor wafer surface for latent damages. Non-contact and non-destructive test method. It can be used for Si Wafer, GaAs wafer, Polished flat Glass surface, Sapphire wafer, semi-transparent wafer surface, polished metal surface and ...

Groundwater Filtration

by BakerCorp     based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The diagram below shows a groundwater treatment system in which turbid,contaminated stormwater can be removed from a industrial jobsite before new construction begins. The clean effluent is then suitable for discharge to a municipal storm drain system or elsewhere.

Water/Liquid Sampling

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)     based in St. Leonard, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Some of the water/liquid sampling products include: bailers, sampling kits & dippers, liquid, tank & drum samplers, biological limnological & water samplers, footvalves, pumps & accessories, groundwater & liquid pumps & samplers, hydrocarbon removal, absorbents & containment, transfer and drum pumps, mixer.

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