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Research on classified real-time flood forecasting framework based on K-means cluster and rough set

by IWA Publishing  (May 18, 2015)

This research presents a new classified real-time flood forecasting framework. In this framework, historical floods are classified by a K-means cluster according to the spatial and temporal distribution of precipitation, the time variance of precipitation intensity and other hydrological factors. Based on the classified results, a rough set is ...

A comparison of two infiltration models applied to simulation of overland flow over a two-dimensional flume

by IWA Publishing  (May 7, 2015)

At the hillslope scale, where the rill-interrill configuration plays a significant role, infiltration is one of the major hydrologic processes affecting the generation of overland flow. As such, it is important to achieve a good understanding and accurate modelling of this process. Horton's infiltration has been widely used in many ...

Assessment of water quality in Little Vermillion River watershed using principal component and nearest neighbor analyses

by IWA Publishing  (Apr. 8, 2015)

Because of increased use of fertilizers to feed the increasing global population, the nutrient loads in surface and subsurface water have increased substantially in the last few decades. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the factors affecting nitrate load in surface and subsurface flow. The objective of this study is to investigate ...

Depression storage capacities of different ideal pavements as quantified by a terrestrial laser scanning-based method

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 27, 2015)

Rainfall partition on paved urban surfaces is governed to a great extent by depression storage. This is especially the case for small rainfall events, which are often ignored in urban hydrology. If storage, infiltration and evaporation (important for urban heat island mitigation), rather than storm water run-off, are of interest, high-resolution ...

Integrated actions in the management of critical hydrologic events

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 27, 2015)

Owing to the increase in urban populations, there has also been an increased incidence of critical events, especially those related to floods and landslides. Since the implementation of the National Civil Defense System in Brazil, a focus on disaster management is no longer the answer when assisting those affected; instead, the answer has become ...

Implementing contour bank farming practices into the J2000 model to improve hydrological and erosion modelling in semi-arid Western Cape Province of South Africa

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2015)

Contour bank farming is a well-known agricultural management technique in areas which are characterised by intensive and erosive rainfalls. Contour banks are designed to reduce the flow velocity of overland flow and to intercept water before it concentrates in rills, thereby reducing the risk of soil erosion and land degradation. By their ...

Ditch network extraction and hydrogeomorphological characterization using LiDAR-derived DTM in wetlands

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2015)

While much emphasis has been placed on the importance of hydrology as a driving force for wetlands, few small stream drainage networks have been mapped. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data can provide very high-precision topographic maps over large areas, and have been used to extract drainage networks in forested areas, vineyards, and high ...

Braided rivers: structure, types and hydrological effects

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2015)

Braided rivers have been intensively analyzed mostly by geomorphologists. In the present study the approach to recognize braided channel types and effects with the special emphasis on flow partitioning has been applied. It is assumed that each braided channel represents the reach which is initiated with dividing of the single channel and ...

Hysteresis effects of suspended sediment transport in relation to geomorphic conditions and dominant sediment sources in medium and large rivers of the Russian Arctic

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2015)

Preliminary analysis of long-term hydrological data shows that sediment dynamics of Russian Arctic rivers is largely affected by hysteresis effects in relation of water discharge to suspended sediment concentration (SSC). The role of large-scale geomorphic and geocryological conditions in sediment transport is still relatively understudied. This ...

Integrated water resources assessment and management in a small watershed – a geomorphic approach

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 19, 2015)

Depleting water resources and increasing human demands on the available fresh water resources suggest the need and scope for integrated water resources assessment and management. Narava basin, a small watershed spread over 105 km2 with a khondalitic suite of rocks and gneisses of Archaean age in the north coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, India ...

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