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Effects of digital elevation model resolution on topography-based runoff simulation under uncertainty

by IWA Publishing  (Nov. 10, 2014)

Topography plays a critical role in controlling water dispersion and soil movement in hydrologic modeling for water resources management with raster-based digital elevation model (DEM). This study aims to model effects of DEM resolution on runoff simulation through coupling fuzzy analysis technique with a topography based rainfall–runoff ...

A review of Australian institutions for riparian adaptation to climate change

by IWA Publishing  (Sep. 30, 2014)

Australia represents a global proving ground for effective riparian climate change adaptation due to its scale and diversity, extreme variation in runoff and degrees of aridity. An array of autonomous riparian zone (RZ) management adaptations have emerged in Australia that have captivated the international community but have yet to be effectively ...

Leaf area index as a function of precipitation within a hydrological model

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 12, 2014)

The Leaf Area Index (LAI) was derived from the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) obtained from Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) data for the years 1982–2004. The NDVI-derived LAI showed a very good agreement (correlation coefficient r up to 0.96) with MODIS LAI. To address the relation between precipitation and ...

Conservation of Baltic raised bogs on Pomerania region - Case Study

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment  (Jul. 22, 2014)

Project name Conservation of Baltic raised bogs on Pomerania region Clients Naturalists Club, Pomerania Voivodship Office, Polish State Forest The project is co-financed by: LIFE-Nature EU's financial instrument The EcoFund Fundation GEF - Global Environment Facility Countries ...

Nationwide hydrological statistics for Sweden with high resolution using the hydrological model S-HYPE

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 18, 2014)

A first version of nationally covering hydrological statistics for Sweden based on the S-HYPE hydrological model for the period 1961–2010 is described. A key feature of the proposed method is that observed data are used as input wherever such data are available, and the model is used for interpolation in between stations. Short observation ...

Implementation of a two-way coupled atmospheric-hydrological system for environmental modeling at regional scale

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 18, 2014)

This work describes the two-way coupling performed between the regional atmospheric model Brazilian Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (BRAMS) and the hydrological model MGB-IPH. As a first step of the atmosphere-hydrology coupling, only the water balance variables were coupled. Differences in temporal and spatial scales between MGH-IPH and ...

WaterML2.0: development of an open standard for hydrological time-series data exchange

by IWA Publishing  (Mar. 26, 2014)

The increasing global demand on freshwater is resulting in nations improving their terrestrial water monitoring and reporting systems to better understand the availability, and quality, of this valuable resource. A barrier to this is the inability for stakeholders to share information relating to water observations data: traditional hydrological ...

Green roof hydrologic performance and modeling: a review

by IWA Publishing  (Feb. 26, 2014)

Green roofs reduce runoff from impervious surfaces in urban development. This paper reviews the technical literature on green roof hydrology. Laboratory experiments and field measurements have shown that green roofs can reduce stormwater runoff volume by 30 to 86%, reduce peak flow rate by 22 to 93% and delay the peak flow by 0 to ...

Using radar altimetry to update a large-scale hydrological model of the Brahmaputra river basin

by IWA Publishing  (Feb. 12, 2014)

Measurements of river and lake water levels from space-borne radar altimeters (past missions include ERS, Envisat, Jason, Topex) are useful for calibration and validation of large-scale hydrological models in poorly gauged river basins. Altimetry data availability over the downstream reaches of the Brahmaputra is excellent (17 high-quality ...

Reconciling hydrology with engineering

by IWA Publishing  (Feb. 12, 2014)

Hydrology has played an important role in the birth of science. Yet practical hydrological knowledge, related to human needs for water storage, transfer and management, existed before the development of natural philosophy and science. In contemporary times, hydrology has had strong links with engineering as its development has been related to the ...

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