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Woven Geotextiles

by Clean Air And Water Systems, LLC (CAAWS)     Office in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA)

Woven geotextiles are designed to act as a separation layer or for soil stabilization. Read bed stabilization to prevent the overlying aggregates from being embedded into the soft subgrade below. Due to their high strength, they are used to disperse point loading over a larger area to prevent “pot holes” from developing. (ASTM, ISO).

Titan - Slotted Collection Systems

by Titan Industries Inc.     based in Paxton, NEBRASKA (USA)

Slotted plastic pipe offers a number of advantages over typical round hole perforated systems. Often angular or rounded gravels and backfills can effectively block a significant percentage of a perforated holes open area, restricting it's ability to collect. Slots are not easily plugged by these backfills allowing the superior open area of slotted ...

Big John - Speedy Soil Sampler

by Big John Manufacturing     based in Osmond, NEBRASKA (USA)

A vehicle mounted soil sampling unit for general soil analysis and environmental research. Increase the speed and efficiency of soil sampling!With the concern of nitrates leaching into the groundwater or phosphorus runoff into surface water, NRD's are either encouraging or demanding increased soil sampling. Samples are tested for residual ...

Global Pump - Model 4GSCWP - Centrifugal Wellpoint Pumps

by Global Pump Company - a Mersino Company     Office in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

Global Pump Centrifugal Wellpoint pumps are specifically designed to effectively handle the arduous requirements of wellpoint and underdrain dewatering systems where intermittent water flow and large amounts of air are encountered. Global Pump Centrifugal Wellpoint pumps provide a compact dependable, highly efficient solution in a completely ...

Titan CertainTeed - Model Certa-Lok™ - Well Casing

by Titan Industries Inc.     based in Paxton, NEBRASKA (USA)

Certa-Lok™ PVC Well Casing utilizes CertainTeed’s field-proven spline-locking design to form a full strength joint instantly in all weather conditions. No solvents, arc welding, or reinforcement screw attachments are required. And now, with the introduction of small to medium diameter (4'- 8') Integral Bell Well Casing, the best joint ...

Model PP - Polypropylene

by Clean Air And Water Systems, LLC (CAAWS)     Office in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA)

Polypropylene is normally supplied as a reinforced geomembrane. When the material is made, a grid of small diameter scrim is embedded into the liner. This provides the rPP with a very high strength. rPP also has excellent chemical compatibility and UV resistance. The most common application where rPP is used is in floating covers on anaerobic ...

Model PVC - Polyvinylchloride

by Clean Air And Water Systems, LLC (CAAWS)     Office in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA)

PVC- Polyvinylchloride PVC has been used in lining applications for over 30 years. It is a very flexible material that can accommodate uneven subgrades and has excellent elongation properties. The material is fabricated into large panels before it is shipped to the project site.PVC is often used for smaller projects where the owner or contractor ...

Non-Woven Geotextiles

by Clean Air And Water Systems, LLC (CAAWS)     Office in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA)

Geocomposites were originally designed to replace a sand or gravel drainage layer. Geocomposite is made by laminating a nonwoven geotextile to either one or both sides of a geonet. The textile is designed to filter out particles to prevent the geonet from clogging. Commonly the Geocomposite is installed either above or below a geomembrane. In a ...

EAGLE LOC - Model D1784 and F480 - Well Casing Pipe

by JM Eagle     Office in Hastings, NEBRASKA (USA)

Meets ASTM D1784 and F480, and ANSI / NSF standard 61.­JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc Well Casing is suitable for any domestic, municipal, industrial and dewatering application where solvent-weld PVC well casing is used.

Griffin - Vacuum-Assisted Wellpoint Pumps

by Griffin Dewatering     Office in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

Griffin’s Vacuum-Assisted Wellpoint Pumps are available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” models. These pumps are designed for handling high volumes of water and air. The pump automatically primes and reprimes at suction lifts of 25 ft. or greater.

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