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InfraSafe - Sediment Control Barrier

by Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.     based in Stacy, MINNESOTA (USA)

Temporary and reusable, the InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier (SCB) is designed for use during construction projects. The SCB's filtration process prevents sediment and debris from entering the manhole and clogging the sewer system following rainfall events.

Check Dams/Spring Berms

by Green Patch Environmental Consulting Ltd. (GPEC)     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The 12 inch diameter tubes are shipped compressed and buckled together. When the compressed tubes are unbuckled, the tubes automatically expand to their full six foot length. Each tube is kept rigid with an enclosed spring. When the ends are snapped together they form long continuous fluid control barriers. Anchoring is simple as the barriers are ...

Enviro-Pro - Erosion and Sediment Control (Silt Fence)

by Enviro-Pro-US     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

A silt fence is a temporary sediment solution that consists of a synthetic silt fence filter fabric barrier attached to supporting posts installed in soil trenches. Silt fencing is not a permanent erosion control practice, but can be an effective solution for many applications. Silt fencing was created to slow and allow the ponding of water, ...


by Integrated Water Solutions, LLC. (IWS)     based in Petersburg, ILLINOIS (USA)

Our liners can be used for a variety of applications including: Wastewater containment, industrial lagoons, solid waste landfills, landfill closures, secondary containment, decrative ponds, methane barriers.

Gunderboom - Particulate Control System

by Gunderboom, Inc     based in Anchorage, ALASKA (USA)

Filter barrier control system for dredging, discharge, stormwater and settling pond management. Gunderboom engineers, manufactures and supports a number of systems that use aquatic filter barrier technology. Designed to prevent waterborne particulate migration, the PCS can be applied to many different environmental challenges: Dredging and ...

Model Type 3 - Silt Turbidity Curtain

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Type III Silt Barrier is a tough silt curtain which is designed specifically for silt control in rivers, inter-coastal waterways, bays and harbors. These rough water floating silt curtain is ideal for demanding applications whether dredging contaminated sediments or demolishing bridges.

ULTRATECH - Silt Dike Barrier Systems

by Interstate Products Inc     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

UltraTech triangular silt dike barrier systems help contain eroded soil. They are designed as an effective and economical alternative to straw bales, silt fences, and rock check dams. this patented design provides effective erosion and sediment control. Aprons on either side of the silt dike prevent erosion, and failure of the structure. An ...

AquaGate-CH4™ Composite, Antimethanogenic Reactive Capping Technology

by Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.     based in Freeport, ILLINOIS (USA)

Recently developed in collaboration with AquaBlok, LTD of Toledo, Ohio. The patent-pending technology for in situ sediment combines the Provect-CH4 methanogen inhibitors with AquaBlok®/AquaGate™ or Blended Barrier™/AquaGate™ materials to yield a composite particle containing an aggregate core that is layered with the reactive amendment materials ...

Ultra-Silt Dike

by Spill Source     based in Denver, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Triangular Silt Dike Barrier Systems Help Contain Eroded Soils. Designed as an effective and economical alternative to straw bales, silt fence and rock check dams. Patented design provides effective erosion and sediment control. Aprons on either side of Dike prevent erosion and failure of the structure. Optional, U-shaped wire staples help secure ...

Model Silt Fence - Sediment Barriers

by IWT/Cargo-Guard     based in Waretown, NEW JERSEY (USA)

If installed correctly silt fence is one of the most effective and economical sediment barriers. Silt fence is manufactured from geotextile filter fabric that allows water to pass through the fabric, while trapping soil particles long enough for them to settle. IWT sells a variety of silt fences to suit state and local contract specifications. ...

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