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Pipeline and Utility Locating Services

by Earth Measurement Corp.

For many industries it is vital to know what is below the surface before ground breaking activities take place. It’s very dangerous to just assume an area is clear of obstacles and commence drilling or excavation activities. Subsurface infrastructure damage is a huge liability issue for many of our clients. EMC utilizes a multi-tool approach ...

Catalyst Cleaning and Rejuvenation

by Clariant

During a catalysts lifetime, the catalyst bed may be exposed to certain foreign elements that can inhibit its ability to achieve its maximum designed destruction efficiency.These elements may accumulate over time, and form weak or strong bonds with surface of the catalyst, blocking active metal sites.It may be possible to remove elemental ...

Managing On-Site Wastewater Treatment for Long-Term Value

by Aqueonics, Inc.

Property owners, developers, and utility authorities can add long-term value to projects with a properly managed on-site wastewater collection and treatment system.

Aquifer Recharge

by Aqueonics, Inc.

All land has beneath the surface one or more water tables which can be separated by aquacludes. The water tables constitute aquifers and act as reservoirs from which water may be withdrawn. Aquifers are replenished naturally through rainfall, but can also be recharged by utilizing Aqueonics' efficient system of Aquifer Recharge which injects water ...

Sensitive Environments

by Aqueonics, Inc.

Aqueonics was the first wastewater treatment company in 1986 to be approved for construction of a 100,000 gpd facility in the Pinelands Forest Preserve of Mays Landing, NJ. The facility and its subsurface discharge met some of the strictest quality demands in the country at the time of 2.5 mg/l of nitrogen. Discharge beds were located in a power ...

Stevens-Connect Online Data Management Services

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Stevens-Connect is a web-based data acquisition and management software system that enables the collection, analysis, reporting, and storage of data from remote monitoring locations. Stevens-Connect wireless communication from the monitoring locations to the Internet is made via cell modem, radio, or satellite modem. As a web-based service, ...

Wastewater Reuse & Reclamation

by Aqueonics, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Aqueonics has been a leader in reclaiming wastewater for beneficial reuse. Aqueonics was formed in 1979 with its patented technology to provide a natural, cost-effective solution to wastewater treatment and water conservation. Aqueonics facilities have reclaimed water for irrigation, aquifer recharge, golf course watering, ...

Green Growth and Development

by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

The mission of the Division is to identify, analyze, and prioritize policy options with regard to energy and environment by quantitative modelling of energy-economy-environment linkages. The Division uses GIS (geographical information system) services and remote sensing techniques in spatial data management, analysis and modelling as well as ...

Water Resources

by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

The Water Resources Division at TERI consists of a dedicated team of inter-disciplinary researchers working on cross cutting issues related to water. The multi-disciplinary nature of the division facilitates an integrated approach, enabling it to provide comprehensive and sustainable solution to scientific queries for efficient management of water ...

Open Source Customization

by Revolute Solution

We are India's one of the source having excellence in open source customizations that help our customers to set up their online business faster and more effectively. We have an advanced open source customization team boasting the best graphic designers as well as web developers who assist our esteemed clients design perfect templates, integrated ...

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