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Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation (SEB)

by Ivey International Inc.     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

In-situ and ex-situ application processes to liberate contaminants making them more ‘bio-available’ for microbial (bacteria) degradation. SEB  improves both in-situ and/or ex-situ bioremediation treatment by 40 to 60% or more. SEB  is applicable for both warm and cold temperature and climate site applications.

Near Surface Seismics - MASW/MAM Seismic Surveys

by GEOSPECTRUM S.C.     based in Krakow, POLAND

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves technique- in active MASW 1D/2D/3D and passive MAM/ReMi 1D versions, bases on seismic S-waves analysis included in dispersive Rayleigh waves. A characteristic feature of the Rayleigh wave is that it represents about 70% of the total elastic energy waves recorded during the measurement. S-wave, whose velocity ...

Engineering & Construction Services

by AquaTreat     based in Amman, JORDAN

AQUATREAT Engineering & Construction company specializes in environment technology, in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, desalination technologies, contaminated sites and landfill technologies.AQUATREAT is a regional leader in the engineering, design, project management, execution, operation and maintenance of construction projects ...

Resistivity Surveys by Sounding Technique

by GEOSPECTRUM S.C.     based in Krakow, POLAND

Resistivity soundings is basic resistivity technique. This technique bases on the relegation of current electrodes from the potential electrodes in subsequent step to increase the depth of investigation. The point for which the measurement is made is in the middle between the potential electrodes.

Resistivity Surveys by Profiling Technique

by GEOSPECTRUM S.C.     based in Krakow, POLAND

Soil testing by electrical profiling method the same arrays as for sounding (Schlumberger's, Wenner's etc.) are used. Electrical profiling is a basic resistivity survey technique about moving the whole array along the profile with unchanged geometry. The assumption of electrical profiling is the constant depth of investigation.

Resistivity Surveys by Tomography Technique

by GEOSPECTRUM S.C.     based in Krakow, POLAND

Electrical resistivity tomography ERT is also known as resistivity imaging. This method is combination of electrical sounding and profiling because surveys are done along the profile and with increasing depth of investigation.

BAUER - Landfill Relocation Services

by BAUER Resources GmbH     based in Schrobenhausen, GERMANY

BAUER Umwelt performs relocations of old landfills in a qualified and professional manner. For this purpose, BAUER Umwelt develops site and material specific logistics concepts in accordance with all standards of the emission control and occupational health and safety and implements them. The range of services extends up to relocation of hazardous ...

Soil Stabilisation

by Oxford Hydrotechnics Ltd.     based in Oxon, UNITED KINGDOM

H2Ox use innovative techniques, for temporary and permanent stabilisation, to control ground movement in any situation. By injecting a specialist grout into the ground’s pores we can stabilise gravels, fragmented rocks and running sands, even under flowing water. We get fast and reliable results with stabilisation by tailoring the materials ...

Advanced Site Characterization

by EJLSKOV A/S     based in Aarhus N, DENMARK

Ejlskov A/S is well recognised in advanced site characterisation. We use the best a techniques to describe the site. We have in house the most modern equipment including 2 Geoprobe direct push rigs incl. field laboratory and MIP-system.

Soil Oxidant Demand Services

by PRIMA Environmental, Inc.     based in El Dorado Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA)

PRIMA routinely measures soil oxidant demand / oxidant persistence for the following oxidants:

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