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Geotech - Cone Penetration Test - CPT

by Geotech AB

The Geotech CPT probes are equipped with individual sensors for point resistance (qc), sleeve friction (fs), pore pressure (u) and a tilt sensor. The data measured by the sensors is digitised, multiplexed and encrypted with an error detecting code in the probe before it is forwarded to the transmitter or cable adapter for transmission to the ...

KC - Sediment Core Sampler

by KC-Denmark A/S

Model A: The sample tube (2) is a 50 cm long acrylic tube, screwed into a POM house (1) with a built-in silicone contra flap. The shaft (8) is 4 metres (2 x 2 metres), and the tube is made from stainless steel with solid assembly fittings (9), which results in a lightweight but strong construction. The sampled sediment core is visible through the ...

GVM - AgriProbe

by GVM Incorporated

The GVM AgriProbe is an automatic, professional soil sampling machine, fully integrated with AgJunction. GVM understands the importance of soil sampling, its ever-increasing need, and the long back-breaking hours manual sampling requires. The AgriProbe was designed to speed up the process and minimize the labor hours required by manual sampling. ...

Concord - Model C 2400 - Soil Sample Extractor

by Nietfeld Bodenprobetechnik

This universal soil sample extractor offers a wide range of advantages. Three types of drive systems are available: oil-pump drive with a 3.5 hp gasoline engine, oil-pump drive with a 12-volt motor or the Speedy-Soil-Sampler can be connected to an existing hydraulic system (tractor). The unit can be operated easily and comfortably from the ...

Soil Sample Extractor

by Nietfeld Bodenprobetechnik

The soil sample extractor (Multiprob 120 or Duoprob 60) is integrated with the pickup and driven by an oil pump installed under the engine hood.

Soil Compaction Tester

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Long, stainless steel rod (with depth marks of 3Þ, 6Þ, 9Þ, 12Þ, 15Þ, and 18Þ) can be inserted to 24Þ, allowing you to test compaction levels as far down as subsoiling depths. As you insert rod, compaction needle rotates within the stainless steel housing, indicating compaction levels in psi (in three ranges: 0-200 psi, 200-300 psi and 300+ psi) ...

KC - Model 71.000 4 x Ø60 x 500 mm - Multi Corer

by KC-Denmark A/S

Application: This multi corer is used for sampling in chemical, geo-chemical and biological applications. The coring head is hydraulically damped to ensure undisturbed samples. Quick change of tubes assures a high operational speed.

KC - Piston Corer

by KC-Denmark A/S

Position numbers refer to the schematic at the left. An AISI 316 stainless steel heavy duty releaser (pos. 1), based on the Kullenberg principle, is mounted at the top. Up to 10 lead weights (pos. 4) of 28 kg each can be mounted. The upper part of the corer is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

Soil Sample Ring Kit

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

Soil sample rings are stainless steel rings made of seamless tubes, smooth inside and out. The bottom of the ring has a cutting edge. The dimensions, and thus the volume content, of soil sample rings are exactly known, which makes them highly suitable for laboratory studies. With soil sample rings undisturbed samples can be taken.

Hand Penetrometer Eijkelkamp

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

Penetrometers are used to determine the resistance to penetration (bearing capacity) of a soil. The Eijkelkamp Penetrometer is delivered in two different sets: 06.01.SA Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp, set to a depth of 1 meter and 06.01.SB Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp, set to a depth of 3 meter

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