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Rotek - Soil Coring Kit for Volatile Components

by Rotek A/S     based in Sdr. Felding, DENMARK

The kit is suitable for soil sampling to determine presence of volatile components such as benzene, toluene, chlorine compounds and other hydrocarbons where oxidization of the soil samples is to be avoided. The samples are extracted with small core tubes (226 ml).

Wintex - Model 1000S - Innovative Soil Sampler Machine

by Wintex Agro     based in Thisted, DENMARK

The Wintex 1000s is an innovative soil sampler which works quickly and effectively in all kinds of soil. It has a hydraulic hammer which, together with pressure from the hydraulic cylinder, ensures that the probe goes into the ground, down to the desired depth. The pressure from the cylinder can be adjusted according to the type of soil, and the ...

Wintex - Model 2000 - Soil Sampler Machine

by Wintex Agro     based in Thisted, DENMARK

The Wintex 2000 is strong soil sampler for soil samples up to 60 cm. It has been developed on the basis of 15 years of experience in being a specialist in manufacturing soil samplers. The Wintex 2000 takes soil samples in any kind of soil, also sticky clay soil, hard, compact, dry and sandy soil. It works 100% automatic and can take soil samples ...

Wintex - Model MCL3 - Soil Sampler Machine

by Wintex Agro     based in Thisted, DENMARK

The Wintex MCL3 is a strong and powerful soil sampler and has been selected by Ministries of Agriculture, national research institutes and leading contractors of many European countries for the work involved in complying with the EU's Nitrate Directive 91/676/EEC. The Wintex MCL3 is the successor of the well-know Geonor MCL3. It is manufactured in ...

10HS Soil Moisture, Large Area Of Influence

by Decagon Devices, Inc.     Distributor in Hørsholm, DENMARK

Measure volumetric water content in a larger soil sample. The 10HS has a 1 liter volume of influence. High frequency oscillation and patented signal filtering deliver excellent accuracy and minimal textural effects; analog output makes it easy to use with other data loggers including Campbell Scientific. This 10 cm long probe is best installed in ...

Elkær - Model JBG100-JBG500 - Hydraulic Soil Augers

by Elkær Maskiner     based in Ørbæk, DENMARK

We produce our hydraulic soil augers in different lenghts and diameters. They can be mounted to many tractors, excavators, loaders and other machines.

Model C - Soil Sample Ring Kits

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in DENMARK

Sample ring kit, model C, for all soils to a depth of up to 2 m. The sample sets with postfix SC, for very hard soils, can be used to take samples in virtually all soils. The samples can be taken on the surface, in auger holes or in profile pits, above as well as under the groundwater level. The closed ring holder in this set is fitted with a ...

Peat Sampler

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in DENMARK

The stainless steel peat sampler is in fact a kind of gouge auger. The peat sampler is pushed into the soil manually. The sample containing part is a half cylinder. The peat sampler distinguishes itself from the standard gouge auger as its cone is massive. 1The sample containing section is sealed off by a plate (fin) that can pivot around the axle ...

Van der Horst - Core Sampler

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in DENMARK

The Van der Horst core sampler is used for manual filling of the stainless steel sampling tubes. Sampling can take place in bore holes, casing tubes (minimum diameter 75 mm) or in the beds of canals, lakes, etc. up to a depth of approximately 10 m. By contrast to the Akkerman core sampler the Van der Horst sampler is entered into the bore hole ...

Peat Profile Sampler - Type Wardenaar

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in DENMARK

Until recently, sampling undisturbed peat profiles in peat lands, was a very difficult activity. Digging and sampling profile pits in most peat lands is difficult (if not impossible) as they would immediately fill with water and the walls would slump. Researching the ecology of peat land environments and the dynamics and stratigraphy of peat ...

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