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HORIBA - C-131 - Compact Potassium Ion Meter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

With the C-131, potassium ion concentration measurement is as simple as placing a tiny sample on the meter's flat sensor. Micro volume measurements possible from a single drop (0.1ml to few micro) sample solution. This lightweight, pocket-sized meter is suitable for research and industrial applications in diverse fields and is particularly ...

HORIBA - B-343 - Compact Nitrate Meter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The twin NO3 meter is designed for general purpose nitrate measurements, agricultural applications to measure nitrate in plant leaves, and nitrate in soil samples. Flat sensor technology enables measurements with only a few drops of sample. Measurements are simple, quick, and accurate.

920 019 - Test Box for Soil Samples

by Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

Test box for soil samples (ASTM standard) used with the SuperSting R1, MiniSting and Sting for laboratory measurement on soil samples. The dimensions of the soil box is such that the read-out is in Ohmcm. The soil box is delivered with connecting cables.

POGO - Portable Soil Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Portable soil monitoring is made easy with the Stevens POGO system, simply POke and GO. Paired with Stevens Hydra Probe II and Stevens HydraMon Windows CE program, the POGO makes soil measurement quick and easy.

Wintex - 1000S - Innovative Soil Sampler Machine

by Wintex Agro

The Wintex 1000s is an innovative soil sampler which works quickly and effectively in all kinds of soil. It has a hydraulic hammer which, together with pressure from the hydraulic cylinder, ensures that the probe goes into the ground, down to the desired depth. The pressure from the cylinder can be adjusted according to the type of soil, and the ...

Wintex - 1000 - Most-Sold Soil Sampler Machine

by Wintex Agro

Since 1999 the Wintex 1000 is the most-sold soil sampler for soil samples up to 30 cm in Europe and in most countries around the word. The Wintex 1000 works 100% automatic and takes totally homogeneous samples. The soil sample is taken with a probe and not with an auger. This ensures a completely homogeneous sample being a core of soil which is ...

KC - Sediment Core Sampler

by KC-Denmark A/S

Model A: The sample tube (2) is a 50 cm long acrylic tube, screwed into a POM house (1) with a built-in silicone contra flap. The shaft (8) is 4 metres (2 x 2 metres), and the tube is made from stainless steel with solid assembly fittings (9), which results in a lightweight but strong construction. The sampled sediment core is visible through the ...

KC - Model 71.000 4 x Ø60 x 500 mm - Multi Corer

by KC-Denmark A/S

Application: This multi corer is used for sampling in chemical, geo-chemical and biological applications. The coring head is hydraulically damped to ensure undisturbed samples. Quick change of tubes assures a high operational speed.

KC - Piston Corer

by KC-Denmark A/S

Position numbers refer to the schematic at the left. An AISI 316 stainless steel heavy duty releaser (pos. 1), based on the Kullenberg principle, is mounted at the top. Up to 10 lead weights (pos. 4) of 28 kg each can be mounted. The upper part of the corer is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.

KC - Kajak Sediment Core Sampler

by KC-Denmark A/S

Adapter for Ø80 mm tubes. (Optional). Will fit on all models with quick change, (13.030) A model with 2 tubes are available. The KC Kajak Sediment Core sampler is based on the Kajak design and can be used as line operated as well as hand operated sampler. With a wide range of accessories the system can be adjusted for various projects.

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