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RoadScan - 30 - Ground Penetrating Radars System for Road Inspection & Analysis

by Geomorph Radars

The affordable RoadScan 30 system provides users with an effective tool for quickly determining pavement layer thickness. RoadScan 30 is able to collect data densities not obtainable using other labor-intensive methods. RoadScan data can be acquired at highway speeds, which eliminates the need for lane closures and provides a safer working ...

POGO - Portable Soil Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Portable soil monitoring is made easy with the Stevens POGO system, simply POke and GO. Paired with Stevens Hydra Probe II and Stevens HydraMon Windows CE program, the POGO makes soil measurement quick and easy.

920 019 - Test Box for Soil Samples

by Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

Test box for soil samples (ASTM standard) used with the SuperSting R1, MiniSting and Sting for laboratory measurement on soil samples. The dimensions of the soil box is such that the read-out is in Ohmcm. The soil box is delivered with connecting cables.

VTK Series - Mini- Datapack

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

VERTEK's Mini-Cone Digital System with optional Soil Moisture, Resistivity, and Temperature Probe (SMRT) is designed for the variable conditions encountered in agricultural, and geotechnical applications. The Mini-Cone Digital System provides fast, accurate, and easy-to-use real time data acquisition and interfaces easily with many direct push ...

Solid State Fuel Fluorescence Detector

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

Rapid Site Characterization: Fuel Fluorescence DetectorVertek's down-hole LED Fuel Fluorescence Detector (FFD) measures fluorescence produced by aromatic hydrocarbons when excited by ultraviolet (UV) light. Pushed with Vertek's Cone Penetrometer Technology (CPT) equipment, the FFD significantly reduces the time required to detect and delineate the ...

DataPack - 2010 CPT - Data Acquisition System

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

VERTEK’s DataPack 2010 is a feature-packed, field portable Cone Penetrometer Technology (CPT) data acquisition and analysis package combining the capabilities of our digital CPT cones, the FFD (fuel fluorescence detector) probes, seismic geophone equipped cones, and other specialized Vertek probes. Developed as a simple ...

Light CPT Push Platform Truck

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

Vertek Light CPT trucks are designed to be an economical platform for obtaining CPT data. Because of the Light Truck's small size, it does not require special permits, licenses, or increased insurance costs. In most states and counties it can be licensed as a pickup truck. The combination of small size and light weight makes it easy to access ...

CPT - Track Rig Cone Penetrometer Push Geotechnical Engineering

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

Vertek Geotechnical Engineering manufactures a full line of cpt track or wheel mounted, self-propelled CPT rigs for difficult to access areas. Vertek's Penetrometer Crawler and Push Platform ATV CPT rigs are designed to meet your most rigorous requirements to perform in all weather. Whether you need a light, compact, highly maneuverable skid steer ...

Medium CPT Push Platforms

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

Vertek Geotechnical Engineering designed and manufactures our Medium Cone Penetrometer Push Platform CPT Trucks and Rigs to provide the Geotechnical and Environmental engineering industry the most versatile cpt push platform. Vertek's Medium CPT Truck is a vehicle designed for versatility and can be operated with only one person! The medium CPT ...

Lightweight Penetrometer Sounding System LPSS - Skidsteer

by Vertek Cone Penetration Test Equipment

Vertek's Lightweight Penetrometer Sounding System (LPSS) uses an agile, lightweight alternative to traditional CPT rigs. Rent a skidsteer from a local dealership (optional quick attach plate required) and have the LPSS shipped directly to the job site!

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